Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Life is full of surprises"

Life is full of surprises. I have to agree with that , but i would like to make a slight amendment to this statement , in my case , it's "My day's full of surprises"

1) : I aced the final 2 segments of my NAFA test , didn't believe it myself.

2) : i got 27/35 for my Physics test , which was a A1 to at exact. This was the
biggest surprise in my day , since before the test , i never really paid attention
to Mr Goh , and the only thing i studied was : "F=ma". After this test , i figured
its time for me to concentrate on my Physics.

3) : No Geography Test !! We had to do our HBL project instead.

4) : Mr Sia was actually statisfied with our TLLM group's presentaion. Now that's a miracle ~

Anyways , while sitting down facing my computer typing this out , i start to wonder about my future. How am i going to achieve my dream job with my current scores..... Still , there is still some time for me to work hard , and my primary mugging subjects are Maths , Bio and SS.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's Life?

Sometimes , while i'm staring into blank space , i wonder about a curious question which has been stirring in my head ever since i started my secondary school life :

"What's Life?"

If you were to go and ask this question to different people , you would also obtain different answers. As for me , i still can't get to a decision of what does it mean.

Anyways , back onto the track. Arrived in school early as usual. Maths was as usual also , with the occasional laughs. In English , we worked on our speech , and our group got a glimpse of Adi's EZ link card pic , and we said that he looked like a monk~ lol..

In Literature , Miss Manjit talked about the difference between a male brain and a female brain , it was mostly psychology and it was pretty fun. Had a quick plate of food before rushing upstairs to study for Bio. Seriously , after the Bio test , almost everyone i asked said that they would fail this test , Joel also practially freaked out about his performance.As for mine , well , i'm just praying that i can get at least a pass. Then came Chemistry and assembly and i headed home.

Played Initial D for awhile before starting on my homework , and i managed to FINALLY complete the entire game in normal mode *i play easy mode for those characters which i can't beat*. Now playing hard mode and racing with Fujiwara Takumi as i'm typing this out.

BRB for now.