Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tournament Report (12/5)

So i have a new nickname now, its called Soldier Boy.....

Deck used: Inzektor

Format: Swiss of 4 Rounds. Cut to Top 8

Round 1: VS Ball-Snow (Inzektor)

Game 1: All useless backrows, couldn't get my Damsel/Centipede onto field.
Game 2: Damsel + Giga-Mantis OTK
Game 3: Forgot what happened.

Round 2: VS Jordan (Inzektor)

Game 1: Was controlling the board until he lucksacked BLS on me.
Game 2: Turn 1 Crimson Shadow controlled the game. Dropped Heavy Storm on Turn 3 and OTKed with Damsel + Gigamantis
Game 3: Crimson Shadow followed by Volcasaurus for game.

Round 3: VS Deavin (Chaos Dragon)

Game 1: He keep setting stuff for me to bomb....
Game 2: Cleared his board with BLS.

Round 4: VS Samuel (Lightsworn)

Game 1: Herp Derp Inzektor combos on him.
Game 2: Thunder Break-ed his JD and it went downhill from there. He made Stardust to try to counter, but i made Acid Golem to beat through.

4-0 (Proceed to Top 8 with Full Win Curse)

Top 8: VS Alvin Putra (Arrive Hero Beat)

Game 1: Usual Inzektor stunts on him. Warning-ed his Miracle to seal the game.
Game 2: He over-extended and killed me.
Game 3: Best game in my entire Inzektor career. Herp Derp-ed with Lavalval Chain + BLS + Damsel :)

Top 4: VS Sam (Malaysian Champ Tour Guide Inzektors)

.....nothing to say, not at Luck Level "Sam" yet.

Results: 3rd/4th. Took the Starter Deck 2012 to put for my friend's tournament.

Finally, the 2 months of scrubbing has ended! Hope that's a good sign for the upcoming WCQ!