Saturday, June 23, 2012

World Championship Qualifiers Report (23/6)

Really tired and stuff, so i'm gonna skip the details.... 6 rounds of swiss does that to a guy.

Deck used: Inzektor
Format: 6 Rounds of Swiss, Cut to Top 10

Round 1: Sean Tan (Inzektor)

Round 2: Zan Hao (Inzektor)

Round 3: Daniel (Hanzo Hieratic)

Round 4: Hong Rui (Hanzo Hieratic)

Round 5: Asia Champ Jeff (Inzektor)

Round 6: Soon Hai (Chaos Dragons)

5-1, 8th in Swiss (Proceed to Top 16)

Thoughts at this point: 
- Was really comfortable with my side against Hieratic variants. They turned out to work quite well.
- Should have sided more for mirrors.....
- I'm so going to play Chaos Dragons after this.

Top 16: Wolflord Master Samuel (Inzektor)

Results: Top 16

Thoughts at this point: 

I guess i was kind of indecisive on how i felt at that point. It felt great to be in the Top 16, which i have never gotten into for past World Championship Qualifiers, but sad at the same time that i expected more from myself. All well, gonna put that aside and hope for the best at the next events: Asia Plus and Top Shop Qualifiers 2012!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brace yourselves

So i didn't make it for both seed qualifiers this week. So the only chance left is the actual event, so......

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Double Seed Qualifier Report

Finally found time to sit down and type this out.

Deck used: Sword Inzektors

Saturday - Delightful Times (Yishun)

Round 1: VS Cassandra (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: She had little to no backrow throughout the whole game so i just did the usual stuff and made Tiras and Crimson Shadow to control.

Game 2: Early Decree together with her bad hand gave me the upper hand. Dropped Cyber to contact fuse and dropped BLS to seal the game.

Round 2: VS Jonas Tai (Masked Heroes) *I got downpaired*

Game 1: Got rushed so bad.... 
Game 2: He got greedy and changed his Bubbleman into a Vapor and got DPrison-ed. Subsequently owned with Decree + 3k attack Tragoedia
Game 3: Decree + Trooper + 3k Tragoedia

Round 3:  VS Cheng Zi *I got downpaired again...*

I lost but he let me up since my score was better. Big thanks to him!

Round 4: VS Yew Loong (Rabbit Laggia)

Didn't play as he confirm can get into Top 8 so he gave me the win since my tie-breakers were quite bad.

4-0 (Get into Top 8)

Top 8: VS Yew Loong (Rabbit Laggia)

Game 1: 2 Laggia's says hi :x
Game 2: Decree too strong
Game 3: Stormed him and did Damsel + Hornet + Mantis stunt on him

Top 4: Wesley (Inzektor)
Game 1: Died badly....
Game 2: Heavy Storm-ed then alot of chaining happened, with him using 2 Compulse and 1 Transmigration and me Solemn-ing it and other bunch of stuff. But thanks to him Compulsing my Zenmaines, i got to drop my DAD for the win!
Game 3: Close game. Mistake on my part to rush him, hitting a Swift Scarecrow. Next turn died...

Conclusion: Top 4  (FUUUUUUU!)

Sunday - JCube (This one will be super short since i scrubbed, LOL)

Round 1: Melvin (Masked Heroes) XOO
Round 2: Sherwyn (Hieratic) OO
Round 3: Calvin (Hanzo Hiero) XOX
Round 4: Ball (Hanzo Hiero) XOX
Round 5: Keith (Dark World) OO *He let me win*

3-2 (11th Place, aka Scrubbed)

Sian, only 2 more qualifiers left! Need to top one of them! Don't want to go through 6 rounds of hell....