Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random thoughts after a hard day's work!

2009 is coming to an end. A few days later , it would be 2010

Which means that :

1) Its a new year for YGO!
2) My O level Results collection date is coming closer.
3) A fresh start in a new school!

Very scared now. The thought of me collecting my results is very scary. My whole future depends on it, and if i screwed up...Well , i have no idea what will happen.

Anyways , There is a New Year's Eve tournament this Thursday and i will try to go down. Need to play and test my deck.

Come on. Who wouldn't want to try and win a STARLIGHT ROAD?

That's all for today.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tourney Report (27th Dec)

Met Jin Hao at Clementi MRT to deal with a guy on the forum.

We then realized that he's also a player from Jurong...LOL?

Anyways, i got another DT Airbellum for my deck while Jinny got 2 for himself.

Went to Jurong East. At first , there was no one in sight. But , as time went by , some people came over. I went to lunch with Jinny , and sat with Lauren and Darren. Talked about DD Eatos for awhile and learnt that its really a stressful deck to play.

Went back and the tourney started shortly after Bryan got some trades.

Format : Swiss. No top 8 cause Bryan wanted to finish early.

Deck used : MGS AKB

Match 1 : VS ??? (GB)
R1 : Legion + Arcanite + other stuff FTW!
R2 : He controlled me. I didn't draw any sided cards
R3 : Airbellum poked him for awhile. He no cards left. Then proceeded to synchro and win.


Match 2 : VS William (BF)
R1 : Deck gave me unfriendly hand, for my opponent lah.
R2 : BF otk. Spy + Spy + Brain Controlled my Airbellum + other shitz.
R3 : Chaos Sorceror is strong! Removed his Armor Master


Match 3 : VS Poh Choon (AHA)
R1 : Fortress pwn me until 600LP. Die loh.
R2 : Forgot how i won.
R3 : Lightning Vortexed for the win.


Match 4 : VS Jin Hao (Tragedylord)
Summing up the 2 games which i lose = LIGHTLORDS ARE GAY!


Yup. My score wasn't really good. Jinny got 1st and took the Mist Wurm.

End of Story


Very sad..

Al well! Still got next week!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Deck Featured!

Come here!

My deck was featured by Neuxcharge.

But i have to give half of the credits to him, since he was the one who provided majority of the cards.

So, credits to you , Neux!

And sorry for what happened yesterday. I overreacted , as always.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As title.

Merry Christmas to all of you out there!

And a pleasant Happy New Year to all!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Update before Christmas!

Point form is always good!

1) No money to make meta decks like crazy Eatos boss.dek.
2) Everyday work = No time for yugimonz
3) Last week scrub at locals made me rethink about YGO
4) YGO seems to get more boring. Perhaps its because i'm always working.
5) Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 coming on the same day as Xmas Tourney. WTF?

Pretty much sums up what i am thinking of.

and, most importantly :

2) Think about how in the world am i going to beat DD Eatos when they are going to have Parallel World Fusion and E.HERO Great Tornado. All my birds kena shrink into little chicks for their beatsticks to pwn.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tourney Report (19/12)

Scrubbing Mode! Activate!

Wanted to go Khatib today. But then, Neux suggested that i should go down and support JE and go Khatib next week. Since i have no sense of decision whatsoever, i decided to follow what he said and use my scrubbing deck in the scrubbing tournament with only 10 people.

Deck : BixyRoids (Original deck. Credits must be given to me. Thanks)

Format : Swiss

Match 1 : VS Jin Hao (GB)
R1 : Wrong use of Megamorph. Scrub...
R2 : Forgot...Still scrub


Match 2 : VS Wei Xiang (BF)

We didn't really play. He played Swallow's Nest, when TCG Exclusives are not allowed. LOL? So i got the win. Sorry WX!


Match 3 : VS Jared (GB)
R1 : OTK him.
R2 : Machiner Fortress is gay. True story.


Match 4 : VS Xiaocola (Chain Burn)

*He requested that my post about the match between him and me should be 100 words long and in yellow colour. But since i am a bastard and i take into consideration that yellow is too bright and will hurt the reader's eyes, i decided to use black!*

R1 : Beatdown with Fortress!
R2 : Greedy nia. Giant Trunade and whack into Des Koala...
R3 : Lava Golem punch him ftw!

3-1 (Get into Top 6)

Top 6 : VS Yew Long (Anti Meta boss character deck!)
R1 : Die loh. Anti-Meta leh!
R2 : Die loh. Anti-Meta and i never draw any sided cards. Malevolent Catastrophe hates me nia!


Nevermind lah! At least Melvin was with me when i scrubbed! Abit disappointed yet abit ok with my results. NEXT WEEK MUST WORK HARDER!

So , here is my decklist for your viewing and netdecking pleasure. Must remember to credit me as the original deck builder can liao!


Monsters : 20

1 Gorz , Emissary of Darkness
1 Cyber Dragon
3 Machiner's Fortress
3 Machiner's Gearframe
1 Machiner's Peacekeeper
1 Machiner's Force
3 Armoroid
3 Expressoid
1 Ambulanceroid
1 Card Trooper
2 Herald of Creation

Spells : 12

1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Cold Wave
1 Future Fusion
1 Limiter Removal
1 Megamorph
1 Reasoning
1 Lightning Vortex
1 Brain Control
1 Hand Severing
1 Pot of Avarice

Trap : 8

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Trap Stun
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force
1 Call of the Haunted
2 Limit Reverse

NEXT WEEK : I will prevail!!!! Will win prize!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally! Deck Complete!

Typing this out at work...

Finally got my 3 Machiner's Fortress and other essential components to complete my new deck! (Credits to Neuxcharge for helping in the building of this deck. I will not fail you!)

I will go to Khatib this Saturday in order to test this deck out.

Haven't really formally thought of a name for it.


CPR? (Cute Pwning Roids)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Short Team Tourney Report (13/12)

I was in the same team with Aaron and Jin Hao.

I was running Oppression BF , same as Aaron, while Jin Hao ran Tragedylords.

Match 1 : VS ?? (Dimensional Eatos)
R1 : Never got Starlight Roaded. Beated him down
R2 : Forgot...

My team won.

Match 2 : VS Shi Fu (Lightlord)
R1 and R2 : Bad hand. He somehow always destroys my Oppression and i cannot beat his Wulf.

My team lost this match.

Match 3 : VS Max (BF)
R1 : Oppression stopped him for awhile. Then he destoryed it , and swarmed with his big hand.
R2 : Bad moves....died

So...Our team was out.

Abit disappointed in my performance. I feel that i let down my team.

On the bright side , i got over the fear of playing against DD Eatos decks.

that's all. Playing Volcanics again!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Extremely short tourney report (12/12)

I will now summarize my entire day in a few points. Cause some matches were abit blur.

Deck : Oppression BF
Format : Swiss of 4 Rounds

Match 1 : VS Banana (Gravekeeper)
R1 : He used Royal Tribute to kill my hand. I topdeck Blizzard and used Goyo to control.
R2 : Used Black Whirlwind alot. Forgot how i won.


Match 2 : VS Wei Xiang (Twilight)
R1 : I used DAD while he forgot that i had 3 DARKS, so he forgot to use his D.D. Crow
R2 : God hand. No self touching though. Just won


Match 3 : VS Kel (TragoGadgets)
R1 : Forgot..
R2 : Gadget Beatdown! He had answers to all of my stunts
R3 : Skill Successor is gay. But it was no match for Qualat!


Match 4 : VS Yew Long (King of Anti-Meta)
R1 : He brainwashed the wrong monster. I won shortly after
R2 : Anti-Meta is Anti-Meta. Topdecked a DAD with 7 DARKS while i was hanging on. GG
R3 : God Hand. Won. Nuff said.

4-0 (Undefeated to a certain extent)

Top 8 : VS Kel (TragoGadgets)

He needed to go already and told me that he will scoop to me if i gave him his entry fee. I did just that. The Top 4 prizes were good enough to cover the cost.

Top 4 : No one. Hong Rui and Zhen Hao needed to go. So...AUTO FINALS

Finals : VS Jin Hao (Twilight)

I'm going to sum up the entire match. A mixture of me getting bad hand for both duel and he getting a good starting caused me to lose in a disgraceful 0-2 manner.

Ranking : 2nd.

I took the Field Marshall.

Pleased to see that my bad luck streak is finally over. But i know that it will start again soon....Just hope that its not TOMORROW!!!!

Tomorrow is the Team Tournament. So i hope that i will be able to perform up to my team's expectations....


Friday, December 11, 2009

Anti-Meta Volcanics V2

Monsters : 20

3 Volcanic Rocket
3 Volcanic Shell
3 Volcanic Scattershot
2 Royal Firestorm Guard
3 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1 Tragoedia
1 Battle Fader
1 D.D. Warrior Lady
1 Card Trooper

Spells : 7

2 Blaze Accelerator
1 Wild Fire
1 Heavy Storm
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Book of Moon
1 Scapegoat

Traps : 13

3 Royal Oppression
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force
1 Trap Dustshoot
2 Divine Wrath
2 Dimensional Prison
1 Solemn Judgment

- Added some Prisons to fend off annoying things like Stardust and Prime Material Dragon.
- Added another Acclerator , cause those Scattershots becomes dead sometimes without 2.
- Added Tragoedia , which can avoid Oppression and have a big ATK in this deck.
- Playing a playset of Raioh instead of 2, cause they are just godly. Nuff said.
- Removed Ryko in favor of D.D. Warrior Lady.

I'm trying to make this deck less affected by DD as possible. Please don't tell me to remove all the Volcanics, as it would just be Anti-Meta.

Anti-Meta = No creativity
Volcanic Anti-Meta = Creative

Leave some comments. Thanks.

Fixes would be VERY appreciated.


P.S : Please do not suggest Dark Bribe. I spent my budget on Tragoedia's. So no money.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A lot of upcoming things!

Title says it all. During the course of this week and next week , there will be some big events/releases. Which means.........more YGO!

Here's the List :

1) Machine SD is out! Looking forward to getting my Fortresses and Hand Severing for my Roids! BixyRoids FTW!

(Note: I didn't copy DS. I thought of running Roids before he posted his decklist...But the new SD has some good cards which i can add in.)

2) Khatib Team Tournament is this Sunday! First prize is a Fudo Yusei DX Duel Disk Set! Be sure to prepare yourselves and chiong all the way to Top 4!

3) Team Chalet is next Tuesday! Although Jinny will not be coming , we are still going to have fun. All i need to do is TRY to apply for leave from work.

Now.... Since the Team Tournament @ Khatib is at the end of this week. I would take this opportunity to type down a to-do list. For myself , of course. But you guys can also try it.

1) Make slower plays. Slow down on your plays and actually think about what to do.
2) Make your decks less vulnerable to RFG decks. ALOT of people will run it.
3) Dedicate your side-deck to countering RFG decks and GB. A little of BF also.

I wouldn't be worried too much about Lightlords *Targeting someone* and Zombies.

Anyways. The locals this Saturday would be a good chance to finalize my deck structure and the side-deck which i choose to run.

So.....Best of luck to everyone for Saturday and sunday.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Scrubbing near Christmas

Christmas is 20 days away! And my scrubbing continues!

Went 0-3 with BF today!

Finally won in 4th round , but i gave the guy the win so that he can go Top 8.

Cause this is a giving season!

So unlucky today...

But its ok. 3 out of 5 of our team members got into Top 4. While Neuxcharge was at Khatib getting into Top 2...Dunno whether did he win or get 2nd. We will see =P

Anyways, after the random scrubbing , i realized a lot of things.

1) Completed my Flamvells today!
2) I gained 3kg within 1 month! OMGWTFBBQ! Must cut down on fast food!~
3) Mousehunt is fun!
4) I need TRAGOEDIAS!!!!!

Yup. Totally random.

That's all


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breaking the Road!

Opps! Wrong picture. But it looks like its chopping the Road. So i'll keep it here ^_^

Anyways, with the release of the super expensive mega awesome Starlight Road, everyone who can get their hands on 3 is randomly splashing it into their decks. Be it the gay Dimensional Eatos deck or even a normal BF deck, i see it everywhere!

So, It's actually making Dimensional Eatos a gay deck now , protecting its backrow.

And , for us who cannot afford to get 3 Starlight Roads, it simply means that we have to think of ways to GET AROUND it.

Off of my head, i can already think of some :

- Mahou Senshi Breaker!
- Dust Tornado! ($0.50 pwns $80)
- Trap Stun!
- Jinzo!

That's a few only. This is not very detailed because ALOT of people are blogging about this.


Remember guys , Dust Tornado pwns Starlight Road anyday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weather Man

So apparently people are assuming that the decks i play will predict the weather of the day.

So i assume that this Saturday's going to be a windy day.

And that doesn't only mean Heavy Storm.