Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another ordinary Ferb-uary

Sorry, no photos today either since there wasn't anything really worth taking.

Started the day with Literature, and to the whole classes' utmost surprise, Ms Solastri came back and conducted the lesson with us. For the whole lesson, there was a tense atmosphere between me and the teachers in front. Probably because i lent my badge to James without even considering the consequences, thus, i feared for my life during the entire lesson, hoping to not be caught by Solastri.

Then went through A Maths and had a Differentiation Test. Lets me explain my predictions of my results in a linear question.

My results would be : 0< x < or = to 10 , whereby x is the result i would get. The test is upon 20.

Went through Mother Tongue...Recess...English. Nothing interesting in there. Had Geography next, and went through the 3rd test Ms Tan had given us in the past month. I'm pretty confident in this test.

Let x be the result i would get. ------------>Upon 25 , 15 < x < 25

Then went for Chemistry, went through worksheet and Mdm Ng gave us the chapters tested for CA1. For this , CA1 is about 2 weeks away, so i'm going to start revising this weekend.

My target for CA1 :

English : A2
Chinese : B3
Biology : A2
Chemistry : A2
Physics : B3
E Maths : A1
A Maths : A2
Social Studies : A2
Geography : A1



Looking at you from afar
Without you ever knowing
That i would be ever present at your side

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know that these posts on my blog would most likely be not read by others, but what the heck? I have an extra 45 minutes before bedtime , so i'm trying not to waste it

Reached school as usual. Started the day off with Mother Tongue, where Ms Yang practically ranted at us the whole session simply because half of the class didn't bring textbooks...hand in homework on time....typical reasons for scoldings. Well , can't really blame her on that though.

Had 3 LONG periods of Physics. To my surprise, i actually learnt quite a lot today, after struggling to stay awake in Mr Tan's class and figuring out the important points from his sea of stories. After that, had English where Ms Manjit taught us about how to make a good introduction. Highlight of this session? - She actually asked us to watch Lord of the Rings are PART of our homework during the weekend. Now, if only she wanted us to learn the CONTENT, and not the way they use words. If so, i can proudly say that i can read out the entire story in one go, since i HAVE seen all 3 parts more than 10 times...

And she talked about some nice phrases which i think are really nice, such as : "I possessed love so strong that it would never waver or twitch". What i think really suits my situation is this lovely phrase : "All along i've been observing from the sidelines, ever shy but always there"
That really explains the situation i'm in right now.

Had recess then Social Studies. Basically did some practice questions, and learnt to manage time properly. Had our Probability test in Math next. After the test, i had a conversation with Federick.

Me: So, How was the test?
Federick: Ok lah
Me: I thought that it was quite easy
Federick: Yah loh! You never get full marks, i'll laugh at you ah.

Ladies and Gentlemen , for the first time in my stay in 3E1/4E1 , Federick actually thinks that i can get full marks for a Math test. Man, this is going down in history....

Had Homeroom Period next, did some survey thingy and talked to Brenda , Cheryl and Federick about JC admission and dropping of Physics. Quite entertaining indeed.

Rushed off to bring my brother to tuition (Reason for skipping FOCUS - Mother sick , must bring bro to tuition). Went to the library to finish up my Lit and Chemistry. Came back home and typed this out.

That's all. Have a nice night!


If you're feeling down, i'll be your sun to brighten your day.
If you have a wound, i'll be the healing hands to make you recover
If you lost your way home , i'll be the stars guiding you back home
If you ever find yourself lost and all alone, I'll be the guardian angel that will accompany you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Math day.

Finally, after months of letting this blog rot, i'm kinda back since i have nothing better to do actually....

Alright. Started the day off waking up late at 7.45pm. Rushed to school for Maths extra lesson with Mr Sia. Then we heard the announcement of the classrooms being gased for mosquitoes...Apparently, Mr Sia was kind enough ( Could not believe it myself, thought he would ask us to continue.) to ask us to proceed to the canteen for a few minutes before coming back. So , did some worksheets and went back there. The classroom seemed as though it was gased for special effects. (Kelvin was dieing in the gas i guess..)

After Maths , heading off back home to fetch my brother and bring him for tuition. Sat at the library for 2 hours basically finishing some homework and stuff. Went to E Maths tuition at 2pm, learned about vectors today, quite simple to take in anyways.

Went to play basketball with Boon Joon and Soon Hong after tuition. Called Cameron to come along to play. I was totally shocked by how much force Cameron used in throwing the ball. He's a Sec 1 student and he could throw the ball from half court and manage to get near the hoop, actually touching the board!

Played until 6 and went to buy dinner and met Dad whom was buying pizza for us. Went home , ate and typed this out.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and i might draft out my target setting for CA1.