Friday, August 27, 2010

Tourney Report (27th August)

Deck used : Blackwings

Format : Sept 1st Banlist, Swiss of 3 rounds.


1st Match : Xing You (Herald of Perfection)

R1: Herald on 1st turn with 5 hand, with me having a spell/trap hand. Kept my cards.
R2: He had a bad hand, i slowly took control.
R3: Again, i think he had a bad hand, so i rushed and gained advantage through Whirlwind.

2nd Match : Jeff (Hero Beat)

R1 : Forgot
R2 : Solemn Warning his Stratos, Solemned his Miracle Fusion, and he topdecked a monster..

3rd Match : Clarence (X-Sabers)

R1: 2 Gottom's E-Call with me having no protection = GG
R2: Solemn Warning his Gottom's E-Call, then he still had another...



Haiz...nowadays the scrubbing streak returning to me, scrubbing here and there, losing $5 and $10 here and there...Must bulk up man, must stop scrubbing already and start winning~



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some stuff to consider

So, starting this week, there are tournaments using the new Sept 1st Banlist already.

Which means fresh new deck ideas, new meta, etc.

For those whom do not have any ideas on what to run/tech/side, here's some reference for you to take a look.

As you can see, Whirlwind BF is still popping out in almost every team. Frog Emperor took 1st, which was surprising to me @_@.

The idea of Plant-Dragunity also seems very good and consistant, dumping Dandylion and Grow-Up Bulb through the use of Dragon Canyon, and providing 3 nukes with Debris Dragon, should the need arise.

I myself am still considering what to play this Friday/Saturday. So stay tuned for more posts!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What to play next format?

Tough question?

It is to me...

Have no idea what to play for the next format. So many decks to choose from, so many ideas popping out every now and then while i'm studying XD

Obviously, with Black Rose Dragon going to 3, the next top deck would be between...


That's right, both of which can just spam Black Rose from 1 card whenever they want to~

Next up in line would be Lightsworn, Blackwings and Gladiator Beast.

With no Heavy Storm and 2 MST, Gladiator Beast won't fear setting all of their M/T now, as they have an easy out to BRD also, the 2 MST's also dealing with Royal Decree @ 3.

More Twilight variants of Lightsworn will start popping out due to the Chaos Sorcerer going to 2.

Blackwings are still going strong even with the loss of 1 Whirlwind and 1 Oppression. Some people have to discussing about converting Blackwings into a Pseudo-Chaos deck, with mained Thunder Kings and Chaos Sorcerer (Not to be confused with Twilight Beat). 2 MST's also help deal with those pesky Bottomless Trap Holes while Delta Crow - Anti Reverse will act as a weakened Heavy Storm for them.

Now, we have those unaffected decks, like Heralds, Dragunity and Machina

Heralds get a boost from 3 Royal Decree.

Dragunity will have to be careful now due to everyone playing 2 MST.

Machina will have to be careful also, due to 3 Cyber Dragons.

3 Cyber Dragons also mean that the CYBER END DECKS ARE BACK! Now i just can Power Bond into Cyber End and smash right into your Ryko~ And drop Honest while i'm at it~

It also means that random Power Bond decks will pop out now. Maybe people will Power Bond summon Cyber Twin and OTK you for all i care. It happened to me once, and it wasn't funny at all.

And there are those other decks which i'm pretty lazy to mention , MGS, Frogs, etcetcetcetcidungiveashit.

That's my perspective.

So, up til the end of doing this post, i STILL don't know what to play...haiz...


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

September 1st Banlist


Rescue Cat
Heavy Storm
Brain Control


Black Whirlwind
Royal Oppression
Infernity Gun
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole

Mystical Space Typhoon
Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder


Black Rose Dragon
Goblin Zombie
Cyber Dragon
Treeborn Frog
Royal Decree
United We Stand

Comments :

1) What needs to be banned, got banned, which is good. Although abit sad for Rescue Cat~

2) Why Monster Reborn and Dark Hole come back? So broken cards still can come back...

3) Infernity got nerfed, as predicted. Gun at 1 and no hits for Archfiend makes it still playable.

4) CHAOS SORC IS BACK! CYBER DRAGON AT 3, means more threat for Machines.

and finally....


When Dandylion didn't even get hit. Next top tier deck is confirmed to be Quickdraw DandyWarrior. They have 4 Dark Holes at their disposal, what else can go wrong? Encourages more people to play 2-3 Starlight Roads into their deck much?

PREDICTION for next meta :

1) Quickdraw DandyWarrior
2) Dragunity
3) Blackwings

Nuff said.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Explosive Beast Valcanon

1 Machine-Type monster + 1 Pyro-Type monster
When this card is Fusion Summoned, you can select 1 monster your opponent controls. Destroy this card and the selected card and send them to the Graveyard to inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of that selected monster.

So, i was just dabbling around with the card from the VJump Edition Pack, and the most interesting card was this. A "Ring of Destruction" effect, although you don't take damage from it, but in return, this guy has to go too. Although it may seem as a waste of cards as you have to Fusion Summon it which would mean :

- 1 Machine-Type Monster
- 1 Pyro-Type Monster
- 1 Polymerization

+1 Explosive Beast Valcanon

+1 Opponent's monster destroyed
-1 Explosive Beast Valcanon

= -2 in terms of advantage in exchange for potential LP damage to your opponent.


When you play with things like GADGETS and VOLCANICS...

It just simplifies to :

-1 Polymerization

in exchange for

+1 Your opponent's monster destroyed + LP damage.

How cool is that? Although i perfectly agree with those whom just wan to Earth Smash the other monster/Fissure/Lightning Vortex/etc.

But i feel that this is a pretty cool concept, combining the self-replacement of Gadgets with the self-replacement of Volcanic Bullets and easy removal and advantage through Volcanic Rocket and Blaze Accelerator.

Wonder if people might make a deck out of it.

I'm trying to, if i can only get another copy of this guy...

That's all for today


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tournament Report @ Jurong East (14th August)

Today is the start of the YOG! What better way to celebrate by playing YGO!


Deck used : Blackwings

Format : Swiss of 3 rounds, cut to Top 4

Match 1 : VS Eugene (Lightsworn)

R1 : Swarm + Damudo beatdown.
R2 : Swarm + Vayu making Arms Wing.

Match 2 : VS Keith (FROG FTK)

R1: He got a bad hand. So i took the chance to rush him with Shura + other stuff.
R2: He started with a bad hand, then Card Destruction into a god hand... =_=
R3: Mind Crushed his Swap Frog and he had no fodder for Substitoad + Mass Driver. Rushed him before he drew too much.

2-0 (Auto into Top 4)

Top 4 : VS Milton (Blackwings)

R1 : Damudo didn't save me!
R2 : He rushed me after i tried to rush him.

3rd/4th : VS Small Bryan (Machina Gadget)

R1 : Forgot what happened
R2 : Fatal mistake caused me to lose.

Ranking : 4th.


I was allowed to take the VJump Pack after Bryan said he wanted the Wisel Infinity, so in a sense i was kinda lucky to get my prize today.

Looks like eating frog porridge really worked~

So this is the last tournament i enjoy before the banlist is released and i get the shock of my life. What else can go wrong? Thankfully, September 1st is still 2 weeks away~

Hope Chaos Sorcerer gets unlimited~

That's all for today.


Monday, August 9, 2010


The holidays is here! (For me and some others that is...)

The Banlist is coming next week i think!

So the spirit of competition is kinda low for me.

Yup! Expect more posts now that i have nothing to do for 1 month other than studying..

Oyeah, i scrubbed 3 days ago at the Jurong East Tournament with Machina Gadget. Didn't really like that deck anyways. So i'm just sticking to my Cat deck until the banlist is out and crossing my fingers that Rescue Cat won't be banned like those leaked fake lists online on Pojo/otherforums.

Now,i don't really like speculating about these kind of ban list stuff, but i have some cards in mind which WOULD be hit, like....

Infernity Gun!
Infernity Daemon!

I guess these will definitely get hit, but i'm not really sure about other cards. Machina Gearframe and Fortress might be hit somehow too. Hoping that X-Sabers won't be hurt as we haven't even gotten to use all the gayness yet in the OCG.

BF may not be hit too much either in order to further promote the BF supports which Crow will use in future episodes, also promoting the sales of the Duelist Pack! Because its all about $$$ for our Konami!

I'm pretty sure that Substitoad will 100% get hit (Mind Master says Hi!), hence destroying the Frog FTK and hurting Frog Monarchs.

Looking forward to Storm of Ragnarok and EXP3!

that's all for today!

Stay tuned for more posts coming your way!