Saturday, March 14, 2009


Great...What a fine way of starting my short holiday - By being sick.

Well, i got back all of my results already. So may as well list them here.

English: B4
Chinese : C6
Chemistry : A2
Biology : A1
Physics : D7
E Maths : A1
A Maths : A2
Literature : A1
Geography : C6
Social Studies : A1

Well, although it is PRETTY obvious what i should improve on, i seriously think i didn't do up to my expectations for Geography and Physics. I mean, who would want a D in the middle of so many A's.

Back onto the subject at hand. Tomorrow i will be attending the Yu-Gi-Oh Asia Tournament. After many years of missing it due to many events (Mother, sickness, etc)
i'm finally heading there this year. Pretty confident that i can survive the Swiss matchs, just have no idea whether i can actually get into the Top 8.

Heading to bed now. Really not feeling too good.