Saturday, September 15, 2012

Asia Plus Mini-Qualifier Report (15/9)

(Our team name was Koi, cause some small kid in our team was drinking it and apparently he didn't have much creativity in choosing team names...Tell him HK Dim Sum or something, but noo...)

Team consisted of:
Johann (Dark World)
William (Hero Beat)
Me (Mermail)

Round 1: VS Marcus (Skill Drain Rabbit)

Game 1: He set 2 backrow and end turn. I Storm-ed and went to OTK with Megalo and Diva
Game 2: Game went back and forth, until i had a Gungnir and 1 hand, while he had 2 hand. He exceeded for Radiant Photon Paradios and attacked my Gungnir without activating the effect...yeah... Misplay on his part

Team Score: OXO

Round 2: VS Yong Siang (Skill Drain Rabbit)
Game 1: Died to Cosmos
Game 2: Died to D-Fissure, not to mention making 3 biggest misplays that were all dammm retarded. 

Team Score: OOX

Round 3: VS Calvin (Mermail)
Game 1: Failed to OTK him, then he OTK me back :(
Game 2: Took a while to set up, but drawing an Undine allowed me to drop Megalo and Moulin Glace with addtional help from Salvage.
Game 3:  Forgot the small details, but he eventually controlled me with Bahamut Shark and Gaioabyss. I stalled for 2 turns with Tragoedia but he drew Compulse and hit for game. Only after the game i felt retarded cause i could have went to Black Rose him but i didn't have the balls, cause i kept thinking about Tragoedia's atk too much

Team Score: OOX

Finals: VS Aim (Geargia Karakuri)

Game 1: He couldn't get the Karakuri stuff going, so i rushed him with Storm + Megalo + Diva after Turn 3.
Game 2: He opened with Banisher + 2 set. My starting hand was Seahorsemen, Storm, System Down, MST  and 1 more and i drew Dark Hole. I slowly gained advantage over him, making a Revise Dragon with something and Marksman, detached Marksman to blow his set Geargiarmor and gained control of the game. He couldn't draw into any outs.

Team Score: O_O

Results: 1st!

My internship starts next Monday, so i can happily go into internship in peace, HAHA! Quite burden today, so thanks to my awesome teammates who carried me throughout. And so, we are seeded into Top 8 of Asia Plus! Hope we can win the 3 more crucial matches so we can go to Hong Kong! 

It was also really nice to see Andrew and Amir come down for our mini-qualifier. Haven't seen Andrew for almost a year? Anyways, hope you found all the insane bullshit techs you need for your event!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Overdue Tournament Report (2nd Sept)

Deck used: Mermail

Round 1: Amo (BF)

Game 1: He started with a Rai-Oh and a set m/t. Cleared both and OTKed during my first turn, lolol.
Game 2: Thought he playing Hero Beat, so sided standard stuff, turned out he was playing BF. Close enough. A lot of Snowman + Water Art at work here.

Round 2: Baha (Hero Beat)

Game 1: Lost too much card advantage and died to Photon Thrasher
Game 2: Was losing until topdeck Reborn, took his Bubbleman, draw 2 and got Diva, which gave me the win.
Game 3: Time was called during side-decking, so i took out the useless stuff. He kept setting monsters and i didn't dare to rush him since it became sudden death. After both of us passing a few turns, i just rushed him and won. All his sets were Maxx C and Veilers , lol

Round 3: Kenneth Plant (Hanzo Mermail)

Game 1: Was controlling the board well until he topdeck Hanzo and proceed to derp the following turn.
Game 2: My mistake of not knowing Big Eye's full effect, causing me the game.

Round 4: Poh Choon (Hero Beat)


3-1 (Proceed to Top 8)

Top 8: Plant again (Hanzo Mermail)

Revenge is so sweet.

Top 4: Johann (Agent Angel)

Top 2: Nian Jie (Offering Machina Gadget)

Results: 2nd

Had a really fun time playing Mermails, since it was the first time i'm playing with this deck and there were a lot of combos and stuff that i didn't know, which i subsequently learnt through the two mirror matches with MrSackPlant. Having made it at least into Top 4, i got approval to play this deck for Asia+ by my teammates, lololol. But still considering what decks i am more comfortable with playing.