Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asia Plus 2012 Main Event Report

Team Formation
Leader: Johann (Dark World)
Player 1: William (Hero)
Player 2: Me (Mermail)

As we won one of the pre-qualifiers, we are automatically seeded into Top 8 of the main event. So i got to get a full 10hrs+ of sleep before heading down to the event itself. We didn't really change in terms of our deck from the build we had during the pre-qualifiers. Only major changes was mine whereby i overhauled my entire trap lineup to adapt better to the popular lineups (DW, Hero, Mermail).

Top 8: VS Tian Yu Di: Soon Hai (Inzektors)

Game 1: His Centipede with Hornet destroyed my Sphere, which net me enough cards to rush him next turn with 2 Megalo, Moulin, and friends.

Game 2: He opened with D Fissure and set 2. My entire hand was dead, except for Diva which ate Warning. He then summoned Gulf equip Gigamantis and punched me. I drew and end turn. He equiped Zekcaliber and punched me, setting 2 more before ending. I topdeck into Heavy Storm and proceeded to win as all the OTK cards in my hand became live. 

Team Score: *OO (Johann's game was discontinued i think?)

Top 4: VS DOTE: ??? (Agent Angel)

Game 1: No idea what he was playing, as he only summoned Kycoo to attack my Slinde. I then proceeded to OTK him the next turn with Undine + Offering + Salvage

Game 2: Didn't know what he was playing so i just sided some random Dust Tornadoes. He opened with Earth taking Venus. Everything was blur after that. But i made a Revise Dragon and detached Marksman to destroy his Ryko and proceed to win.

Team Score: O*O (William's game was discontinued)

Finals: VS Mangoes are Plants!: Samuel (Wolflord!)

Game 1: Sort of one-sided as i slowly gained advantage with Undine and friends. He didn't have any delicious mills or enough Lightlords for Judgement Dragon. 

Game 2: Again it was sets and passes by Samuel while i took the offensive and slowly poked him. Ending with a field of Catastor and Dragoons, he summoned Judgement Dragon and cleared my field and summoned Garoth to attack me, leaving 1450 left. I then summoned Diva into Infantry to normal summon my  in-hand Marksman into Gungnir and destroyed both of them and attacked for game.

Team Score: XOO

Results: 1st! 

Was really tensed during the finals as William was losing in his third game. But his imba lucksack powers is too strong + his opponent make mistakes, so we were able to clinch the first place! Really thankful for my teammates for being able to bring this team to the top. Hong Kong here we come! Gonna get that Mermail Playmat and play Mermails for life lolol.

Also a big shoutout to Team Aequus for clinching 3rd today! You guys did great! We then proceeded to have some awesome food.

PS: We were charged $4.90 for "Gummy Bear" DAFAG?!?!?!!? Guys?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aftermath of EP12

After 2 days, $150 and a few hours of effort, this is all the pulls i got from EP12. 

Needless to pocket has a huge hole and my wallet feels really empty. But at least i got my 2 Tour Guides :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Asia Plus Mini-Qualifier Report (15/9)

(Our team name was Koi, cause some small kid in our team was drinking it and apparently he didn't have much creativity in choosing team names...Tell him HK Dim Sum or something, but noo...)

Team consisted of:
Johann (Dark World)
William (Hero Beat)
Me (Mermail)

Round 1: VS Marcus (Skill Drain Rabbit)

Game 1: He set 2 backrow and end turn. I Storm-ed and went to OTK with Megalo and Diva
Game 2: Game went back and forth, until i had a Gungnir and 1 hand, while he had 2 hand. He exceeded for Radiant Photon Paradios and attacked my Gungnir without activating the effect...yeah... Misplay on his part

Team Score: OXO

Round 2: VS Yong Siang (Skill Drain Rabbit)
Game 1: Died to Cosmos
Game 2: Died to D-Fissure, not to mention making 3 biggest misplays that were all dammm retarded. 

Team Score: OOX

Round 3: VS Calvin (Mermail)
Game 1: Failed to OTK him, then he OTK me back :(
Game 2: Took a while to set up, but drawing an Undine allowed me to drop Megalo and Moulin Glace with addtional help from Salvage.
Game 3:  Forgot the small details, but he eventually controlled me with Bahamut Shark and Gaioabyss. I stalled for 2 turns with Tragoedia but he drew Compulse and hit for game. Only after the game i felt retarded cause i could have went to Black Rose him but i didn't have the balls, cause i kept thinking about Tragoedia's atk too much

Team Score: OOX

Finals: VS Aim (Geargia Karakuri)

Game 1: He couldn't get the Karakuri stuff going, so i rushed him with Storm + Megalo + Diva after Turn 3.
Game 2: He opened with Banisher + 2 set. My starting hand was Seahorsemen, Storm, System Down, MST  and 1 more and i drew Dark Hole. I slowly gained advantage over him, making a Revise Dragon with something and Marksman, detached Marksman to blow his set Geargiarmor and gained control of the game. He couldn't draw into any outs.

Team Score: O_O

Results: 1st!

My internship starts next Monday, so i can happily go into internship in peace, HAHA! Quite burden today, so thanks to my awesome teammates who carried me throughout. And so, we are seeded into Top 8 of Asia Plus! Hope we can win the 3 more crucial matches so we can go to Hong Kong! 

It was also really nice to see Andrew and Amir come down for our mini-qualifier. Haven't seen Andrew for almost a year? Anyways, hope you found all the insane bullshit techs you need for your event!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Overdue Tournament Report (2nd Sept)

Deck used: Mermail

Round 1: Amo (BF)

Game 1: He started with a Rai-Oh and a set m/t. Cleared both and OTKed during my first turn, lolol.
Game 2: Thought he playing Hero Beat, so sided standard stuff, turned out he was playing BF. Close enough. A lot of Snowman + Water Art at work here.

Round 2: Baha (Hero Beat)

Game 1: Lost too much card advantage and died to Photon Thrasher
Game 2: Was losing until topdeck Reborn, took his Bubbleman, draw 2 and got Diva, which gave me the win.
Game 3: Time was called during side-decking, so i took out the useless stuff. He kept setting monsters and i didn't dare to rush him since it became sudden death. After both of us passing a few turns, i just rushed him and won. All his sets were Maxx C and Veilers , lol

Round 3: Kenneth Plant (Hanzo Mermail)

Game 1: Was controlling the board well until he topdeck Hanzo and proceed to derp the following turn.
Game 2: My mistake of not knowing Big Eye's full effect, causing me the game.

Round 4: Poh Choon (Hero Beat)


3-1 (Proceed to Top 8)

Top 8: Plant again (Hanzo Mermail)

Revenge is so sweet.

Top 4: Johann (Agent Angel)

Top 2: Nian Jie (Offering Machina Gadget)

Results: 2nd

Had a really fun time playing Mermails, since it was the first time i'm playing with this deck and there were a lot of combos and stuff that i didn't know, which i subsequently learnt through the two mirror matches with MrSackPlant. Having made it at least into Top 4, i got approval to play this deck for Asia+ by my teammates, lololol. But still considering what decks i am more comfortable with playing. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Team Tournament Report (27/8)

Since my real Asia Plus teammates were busy with their studies today, i teamed up with Zippy and ChickenNoodle for the Team Tournament today.


Zippy (Agent Angel)
ChickenNoodle (Infernity)

Round 1: Team ?? (Baha, Calvin and Alex)

Zippy: Win by default 
Me: Lost
Chicken: Won

Round 2: Team KFC (Junjie, Wei Ann, Sherwyn)

Zippy:  Lost
Me: Won
Chicken: Lost

Round 3: Team Oppa Gangnam Style (Zalro, Pokekid, Jia Rui)

Zippy: Win
Me: Win
Chicken: Lost

Round 4: Team Stackers (Yong Siang, Daniel, Zan Hao)

Zippy: Won
Me: Lost
Chicken: Lost

2-2 (Made it into Top 8)

Top 8: Team SCB (Sam, Ball-Snow, Clarence) 

Zippy: Lost
Me: Lost
Chicken: Discontinued

Bottom 4: Team Oppa Gangnam Style again

Zippy: Won
Me: Won
Chicken: Won

5th/6th: Team Anti-Meta? 

Zippy: Lost
Me: Won
Chicken: Lost

Conclusion: 6th (Took the 3 Water SD)

Really awesome how i can play back my favorite deck again, haha! The feel and everything is still there, and the build i came up with is alright i guess. Good testing today, will be very useful when my team and i are preparing for Asia Plus.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

World Championship Qualifiers Report (23/6)

Really tired and stuff, so i'm gonna skip the details.... 6 rounds of swiss does that to a guy.

Deck used: Inzektor
Format: 6 Rounds of Swiss, Cut to Top 10

Round 1: Sean Tan (Inzektor)

Round 2: Zan Hao (Inzektor)

Round 3: Daniel (Hanzo Hieratic)

Round 4: Hong Rui (Hanzo Hieratic)

Round 5: Asia Champ Jeff (Inzektor)

Round 6: Soon Hai (Chaos Dragons)

5-1, 8th in Swiss (Proceed to Top 16)

Thoughts at this point: 
- Was really comfortable with my side against Hieratic variants. They turned out to work quite well.
- Should have sided more for mirrors.....
- I'm so going to play Chaos Dragons after this.

Top 16: Wolflord Master Samuel (Inzektor)

Results: Top 16

Thoughts at this point: 

I guess i was kind of indecisive on how i felt at that point. It felt great to be in the Top 16, which i have never gotten into for past World Championship Qualifiers, but sad at the same time that i expected more from myself. All well, gonna put that aside and hope for the best at the next events: Asia Plus and Top Shop Qualifiers 2012!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brace yourselves

So i didn't make it for both seed qualifiers this week. So the only chance left is the actual event, so......

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Double Seed Qualifier Report

Finally found time to sit down and type this out.

Deck used: Sword Inzektors

Saturday - Delightful Times (Yishun)

Round 1: VS Cassandra (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: She had little to no backrow throughout the whole game so i just did the usual stuff and made Tiras and Crimson Shadow to control.

Game 2: Early Decree together with her bad hand gave me the upper hand. Dropped Cyber to contact fuse and dropped BLS to seal the game.

Round 2: VS Jonas Tai (Masked Heroes) *I got downpaired*

Game 1: Got rushed so bad.... 
Game 2: He got greedy and changed his Bubbleman into a Vapor and got DPrison-ed. Subsequently owned with Decree + 3k attack Tragoedia
Game 3: Decree + Trooper + 3k Tragoedia

Round 3:  VS Cheng Zi *I got downpaired again...*

I lost but he let me up since my score was better. Big thanks to him!

Round 4: VS Yew Loong (Rabbit Laggia)

Didn't play as he confirm can get into Top 8 so he gave me the win since my tie-breakers were quite bad.

4-0 (Get into Top 8)

Top 8: VS Yew Loong (Rabbit Laggia)

Game 1: 2 Laggia's says hi :x
Game 2: Decree too strong
Game 3: Stormed him and did Damsel + Hornet + Mantis stunt on him

Top 4: Wesley (Inzektor)
Game 1: Died badly....
Game 2: Heavy Storm-ed then alot of chaining happened, with him using 2 Compulse and 1 Transmigration and me Solemn-ing it and other bunch of stuff. But thanks to him Compulsing my Zenmaines, i got to drop my DAD for the win!
Game 3: Close game. Mistake on my part to rush him, hitting a Swift Scarecrow. Next turn died...

Conclusion: Top 4  (FUUUUUUU!)

Sunday - JCube (This one will be super short since i scrubbed, LOL)

Round 1: Melvin (Masked Heroes) XOO
Round 2: Sherwyn (Hieratic) OO
Round 3: Calvin (Hanzo Hiero) XOX
Round 4: Ball (Hanzo Hiero) XOX
Round 5: Keith (Dark World) OO *He let me win*

3-2 (11th Place, aka Scrubbed)

Sian, only 2 more qualifiers left! Need to top one of them! Don't want to go through 6 rounds of hell....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tournament Report (12/5)

So i have a new nickname now, its called Soldier Boy.....

Deck used: Inzektor

Format: Swiss of 4 Rounds. Cut to Top 8

Round 1: VS Ball-Snow (Inzektor)

Game 1: All useless backrows, couldn't get my Damsel/Centipede onto field.
Game 2: Damsel + Giga-Mantis OTK
Game 3: Forgot what happened.

Round 2: VS Jordan (Inzektor)

Game 1: Was controlling the board until he lucksacked BLS on me.
Game 2: Turn 1 Crimson Shadow controlled the game. Dropped Heavy Storm on Turn 3 and OTKed with Damsel + Gigamantis
Game 3: Crimson Shadow followed by Volcasaurus for game.

Round 3: VS Deavin (Chaos Dragon)

Game 1: He keep setting stuff for me to bomb....
Game 2: Cleared his board with BLS.

Round 4: VS Samuel (Lightsworn)

Game 1: Herp Derp Inzektor combos on him.
Game 2: Thunder Break-ed his JD and it went downhill from there. He made Stardust to try to counter, but i made Acid Golem to beat through.

4-0 (Proceed to Top 8 with Full Win Curse)

Top 8: VS Alvin Putra (Arrive Hero Beat)

Game 1: Usual Inzektor stunts on him. Warning-ed his Miracle to seal the game.
Game 2: He over-extended and killed me.
Game 3: Best game in my entire Inzektor career. Herp Derp-ed with Lavalval Chain + BLS + Damsel :)

Top 4: VS Sam (Malaysian Champ Tour Guide Inzektors)

.....nothing to say, not at Luck Level "Sam" yet.

Results: 3rd/4th. Took the Starter Deck 2012 to put for my friend's tournament.

Finally, the 2 months of scrubbing has ended! Hope that's a good sign for the upcoming WCQ!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tournament Report (28/4)

LOL, after so long, decided to stop being lazy and post something before this blog dies again.

Deck used: Geargia Karakuri
Format: 4 Round Swiss, cut to Top 8

Round 1: VS Jun Cai (Inzektor)
Game 1: 2nd turn Storm + Burei/Bureido flood field and Limiter Removal
Game 2: Cannot get over his Crimson Shadow plus my hand was jank
Game 3: He died to his own Acid Golem

Round 2: VS Jeff (Asia Champ Hero Beat)

Game 1: Hand of 4 Karakuri, luckily his hand wasn't that good either so i beat him down.
Game 2: Lost to a field of Absolute Zero and Ailus
Game 3: Forgot what happened

Round 3: VS Mango (Inzektor)

Game 1: Died to Inzektor stunts
Game 2: Storm + Burei/Bureido flood field
Game 3: Hand of 2 E-Tele and 2 Psychic Commander. Made Zenmaines to try and stall but his hand too good.

Round 4: VS Sam (Malaysia Champ Hiero)

Game 1: He turn 1 Storm me then died to all the hiero stunts.
Game 2: Hand of 2 E-Tele and 1 Psychic Commander again. Tried to stall but he Card-Car D 2 times and PoD 3 times before he Heavy Storm-ed and chionged me to death.

Result: 2-2 (Scrubbed)

Quite a fun deck to play with, even though a lot of mistakes. Rather play this than boring Inzektors anyday, unless really sick and tired of scrubbing like a dog.

Fuck the 2 E-Tele and 2 Commanders. Seriously...

That's all for today, bye!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

JCube Tournament Report (25/2)

Deck used: Inzector

Format: Swiss of 4 Rounds, cut to Top 8

Round 1: Kenneth (Verz)

Game 1: Starting hand of 3 Hornets not funny...Plus he had everything...
Game 2: Damsel bombing all his stuff and rush for the win.
Game 3: Topdeck Prohibition and killed me.

Round 2: Shaun Lin (Empty Jar)

Game 1: Lost due to unfamiliar matchup. Clarence said god gave me 2 chances but i didnt notice until after the game ended, LOL
Game 2: Rush him as he depleted all his cards
Game 3: Same as Game 2

Round 3: Yew Loong (Offering Gadgets)

Game 1: Rushed him before he can get Offering out.
Game 2: 2nd turn Offering = Dead.
Game 3: Topdeck Dark Armed for the win

Round 4: Clarence (Dirty Zenmai)

Game 1: Stopped all his Zenmai stuff and rushed him
Game 2: Zenmai loop dropped my hand and nvr topdeck any Inzectors...
Game 3: Same as Game 1

3-1 (Advance to Top 8)

Top 8: Stark (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: CotH my Damsel back and he had no Veiler, so
Game 2: Was losing until i topdecked BLS + my inhand Veiler allowed me to gain back control.

Top 4: Sam (Inzector)

Game 1: 3 Hornet again....Plus he Card Car D 2 times together with massive backrow.
Game 2: Forgot what happened
Game 3: Forgot what happened

Let Vishal take what he wanted and i just took the VE06 and sold it to Xiaomei...

Results: 3rd/4th

Good day is good :)

Luckily the last few days of bad luck didn't hinder me today.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

First win of 2012!

Deck used: TG Agents

Format: 4 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8 (There were only 16 ppl.)

Round 1: Shaunewbiez (Inzecter Agents)

Game 1: Opened with Venus + Gantetsu and just slowly poked him to death, stopping his Damsel and Centipede with Raigeki Break and Warning

Game 2: He threw a Maxx C when i attempted to Venus call balls, but i just chionged and died to massive disadvantage.

Game 3: Forgot what happened here...

Round 2: Winson (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: Lost to Quasar...nuff said.
Game 2: Controlled with Banisher + other delicious stuff.
Game 3: The game went back and forth until i topdecked a Hyperion...

Round 3: Samuel (Dragonlords)

Game 1: Hyperion Daigusto OTK
Game 2: His turn to rush me with Light Pulsar + other stuff...
Game 3: Hyperion Daigusto OTK

Round 4: Xiaomei (Rabbit Ragia)

Let her win to avoid the full curse....

Top 8: Winson (Junk Doppel)

Shared. I went up.

Top 4: Plant (Lavals)

Game 1: He chiong me with Rekindling...

Game 2: Stalled abit with 2 Ball hand and eventually made 2 Gantetsu in fear of Rekindling. Manage to draw Reborn to get Raiou and he didn't top draw stuff to fight back. Was told later on that i could actually win that turn but i stress so make mistake =_=

Game 3: He got Rekindling early due to Gold Sarco, but didn't use it. Had to set my Warwolf and let his Flamvell Helldog eat in order to get my Striker. He then Trishula-ed me, removing my BLS and Venus from grave. Luckily...i topdeck-ed Hyperion and made Catastor with Striker + Venue in hand ftw.

Finals : Xiaomei (Rabbit Ragia)

Game 1: Rushed her but failed due to Gorz. She made Zenmaines with Tour Guide and i was forced to atk everything and she got rid of my Wyvern. I made my own Zenmaines and stalled abit until i summoned Honest and attacked with Honest, Zenmaines and Gantetsu for game.

Game 2: Ragia + Dolkka in 2 turns.... Luckily draw Book of Moon and cleared with Dark Hole. Managed to control with Venus + Gantetsu. Made a big mistake further on by leaving my Venus , Ball and Earth on the field for her to eat with Guaiba. She made Ragia after that, but i topdecked Honest for game.

Result: 1st!

Got my very own Emeral (Shared with Winson of course..)

Still, its such a great way to start 2012!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions!!

It's the start of a brand new year for everyone! Which means another year of YGO for not only me, but for every player out there. Now, for the usual yearly ritual of laying out my new year resolutions! (YGO and Non-YGO related)

1) Get fit, macho-man fit.

2) Good results

3) Scrub less in locals (Always here to stay every year, since i never achieve this.)

4) Top 8/4/2/1 for Asia Qualifier/Worlds Qualifier

5) Stick to one deck more (Not changing decks every 2-3 weeks. Not funny at all)

Well, here they are, at least what i can think of at the moment. Hope i can achieve them all :)