Sunday, April 24, 2011

YuGiOh Open Series #2 Report

Deck used: Graveyard BF

Format: Swiss of 5 Rounds. Cut to Top 16

Round 1: VS Rong Jie (GB)

Game 1: Got controlled by the heavy backrow and Retiari
Game 2: Damudo destroyed his field.
Game 3: Beatdown while he had no monsters.

Round 2: VS Bryan Tew (Whirlwind BF)

Game 1: Beatdown with Arms Wing and stuff.
Game 2: Revenge is so sweet :D

Round 3: VS Wei Ann (Six Sam)

Game 1: He got a bad hand. So i just rushed him.
Game 2: Same as Game 1.

Round 4: VS Poh Seng

Game 1: Hyperion beat me down.
Game 2: Beat him down with Arms Wing + Damudo.
Game 3: Forgot how i lost.

Round 5: Vs Vishal

He let me have the win so both of us can go to Top 16.

Top 16: VS Jonas (Six Sam)

Shared. I went up.

Top 8: VS Samuel

Game 1: He farmed too much, then i died.
Game 2: Beatdown with Damudo.
Game 3: Epic Match! He tried to Mind Control my Sirocco, i chained with DDV. He dropped his whole hand... So i shortly won after that.

Top 4: VS Qian Rui (Six Sam)

Game 1: He had no monsters, so just beatdown with Arma Knights and stuff.
Game 2: Shien controlled my m/t hand.
Game 3: Did a stupid mistake but i still won :D

Top 2: VS Milton (Whirlwind BF)

Game 1: Forgot how i won
Game 2: Kenna beatdown
Game 3: Grepher BEAT!!! Jeff not around = no Shura for him.

Results : 1st

Got a PS3 as prize. Woot! Soo happy today! After sharing with Milton and Jonas, got myself a PSP + some toilet paper *Cough..PP13*+ some cash :D.

MVP of the day is definitely..... this babe.

Saved me so many times during Swiss and Top 8.

That's all. Going to get some sleep now. with full of lectures. FML


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post that I promised

That's right, finally found time to do a quick post.

So, what have YGO stuff have i been doing for the past few weeks? Mainly, i've been joining weekly tournaments as much as i can with my current deck, which is Grave BF. It proves to be a really strong deck, reflecting the number of tops it has currently in Japan. Still, it died to Gravekeepers and other decks like Frog Monarchs.

So Grave BF is starting to get a little boring for me, thus i'm trying out some other decks which are more combo-oriented. One of them was Psychic Plant. But i didn't really like that either, having no access to stuff like Dandylion and Lonefire. Then i tried out a deck which i've always wanted to try: Karakuri Machina

Unlike most people whom play the Plant Varient (KMP), i'm currently trying out what the TCG had been playing awhile before converting to the Plant version, which is simply using a mini Psychic Engine of Emergency Teleport + Mind Master + some other Psychic. It basically means i have 1 more One for One which makes this version a little more focused on the Double/Triple Bureido stunts. Liking what i've experienced, i'll most probably be forming this deck to play whenever i'm tired of my main. Haha :D

Finally, to end off this post, i'll talk about the latest news on the Dark World SD.

Artwork for the main monster is freaking cool! So is it's effect. It's pretty much going to be another Machina/Dragunity/Agent Structure Deck, where 3 of them would make the whole deck playable. Looking forward to it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

No report this week

Spending some time with friends before school reopens next week.

So there won't be any tournament report this week. But i'll find some spare time tomorrow or Sunday to bring an article about....something.

Realized that my blog is kinda dying already, only having tournament reports and all.

Another reason for the really lack of posts even though its my holidays now is due to this:

Yes, i caught the Pokemon fever too. Spending lots of time playing this. Sad to say i'm only playing this on a DS Emulator :D No money buy NDS... :(

That's all for today.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cardmaster Tournament Report (9/4)

Deck used : Graveyard BF

Format : Swiss of 4 Rounds. Cut to Top 8.

Round 1 : VS Leo (Naturia Lockdown)

Game 1: Rush him after i Trap Dustshoot-ed his only monster.
Game 2: Got Starlight Road-ed and went downhill from there, got beaten down by camels.
Game 3: Same as Game 1

Round 2: VS Evan (Six Sam)

Game 1: Made Stardust and kept on negating his stuff together with my backrow
Game 2: Rushed him with Dark Armed + Synchro beatsticks

Round 3: VS Dominic (Hero Beat)

Game 1: Trap Dustshoot him, which gave me all i needed for game.
Game 2: Beatdown with all my stuff.

Round 4: VS DS (Kikou-Kuri Machina)

Game 1: Died to Bureido stunt.
Game 2: Beatdown with alot of stuff!
Game 3: Died to Bureido stunt.

Made it into Top 8.

Top 8 : VS Xiao Mei (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: She got a bad hand, so i rushed her with Armored Wing + stuff.
Game 2: Same as Game 1, but she had a good hand.

Top 4 : VS Bryan (Frog Monarch)

Game 1: Died..
Game 2: Died..

3rd/4th : VS DS (Kikou-Kuri Machina)

Decided to take Trishula common and trade with Alex for a Formula, since i wanted the Formula. We still played it out for fun, which meant i ate another 2 Bureido stunts again -_-.

Result : 3rd/4th

Woot! No more SCRUBBING :D

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cardmaster Tournament Report (2/4)

Deck used : Graveyard BF

Format : Swiss of 4 rounds. Cut to Top 8.

Round 1: VS Akira (Debris Hero)

Game 1: Got rushed by Alius and Shining
Game 2: Rushed him with Trishula + Card Trooper
Game 3: Beat down with Arms Wing.

Round 2: VS Poh Choon (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: He gained too much advantage through Avarice and Formula.
Game 2: Rushed him.
Game 2: Made a mistake of not dropping Gorz when his Doppel token attacked me. Died to Brionac shortly.

Round 3: VS Anond (Gravekeepers)

Game 1: Necrovalley on the field. Nothing i can do...
Game 2: Trunade + Burial + DAD ftw.
Game 3: Same as Game 1, but + 1 Royal Tribute.

Round 4: VS Alvin (GB)

Game 1: Rushed him with Arms Wing
Game 2: Burial + DAD for game.


Results : Scrub.

Got a orange pack from lucky draw and pulled crap.

Gonna edit my main and side more to fight Gravekeepers. Sacky deck is sacky.