Monday, November 30, 2009


Just noticed that within the past few months , i have used decks that have a trend.

Like this :

October : Lightsworn (LIGHT)
Early November : Chaos Control (LIGHT/DARK)
Late November to now : Blackwings (DARK)

See the trend?

Its like a descend into darkness.

Truth be told , i didn't really like playing Lightsworn. Just didn't like the idea that the deck was running itself and i wasn't really in control of the deck. However , i've changed into playing Blackwings (Oppression Build). Its going fine , although its still a tough fight when playing against Lightsworn and Twilight Variants.

Still working on adapting to the playstyle. And i received an extra early Christmas present of the Yusei Duel Disk DX set. Its nice to have a Starlight Road randomly splashed into decks.

It's art is totally cool! ^_^

That's it for today.


P.S : Tragoedia is annoying + gay

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tourney Report (27/11)

Went there at 10+. Jinny got his laptop back , cause the bubble tea lady helped him keep it.

There was a lot of people today , 18 to be exact.

Traded a lot , got stuff for Oppression BF. The games started

Format : Swiss
Deck used : Anti-Meta Volcanics

Match 1 : Sebas (BF)
Round 1 : I hate BFs.....Icarus is god , true story
Round 2 : Same as above


Match 2 : Faz (Hopeless Dragon)
Round 1 : D.D. Crowed his Norleras and Oppressioned him.
Round 2 : He Return from the D.D. all his Dragons , and i used Battle Fader. Won next turn.


Match 3 : Anthony (Plants)

To sum up the entire match : I hate Plants , Especially Amaryllis.


Match 4 : Yong Siang ( Hedgehog OTK?)
Round 1 : He played Give and Take to give me Ido.....But i beat him down with it.
Round 2 : Bolt Hedgehog + Zombie Carrier + Imperial Wall + Mass Driver = GG
Round 3 : Scattershots + Beatdown helped me win.


Now , there were 4 people including me with the same points , and there is 1 spot in Top 8. So , we play it out.

Match 5 : Kenneth (MGS AKB) =_=
Round 1 : He touched himself. I didn't stand a chance.
Round 2 : He got a call from Baha , and drew 3 Kushano and 2 Grimro , while i had Raiou, Kycoo and Oppression ^_^. Baha passed the bad luck to him.
Round 3 : Fliped Ryko to blow his monster , milled Scattershot when he had 300 LP ^_^

Match 6 : Yong Siang (again...)

The entire match was just like the previous one ,with him OTKing me in R2 ,and me winning somehow.

So i was in Top 8 , cool?

Top 8 : Jin Hao (Lightsworn)
Round 1 : Forgot how i won.
Round 2 : Honest killed me
Round 3 : Forgot again...

It was near 7 , and i had to go , so i dropped out and got myself a Gorz. Not bad for 4th.

It was a great showing for my deck , and it was great testing too. Good day indeed. Loved the duel between me and Kenneth. Epic! And the duel with Jinny was extremely tough too.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anti-Meta Volcanics

As title

Monsters : 20
3 Volcanic Rocket

3 Volcanic Shell

3 Volcanic Scattershot

1 Volcanic Counter

2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 Royal Firestorm Guard

1 Battle Fader

1 Ryko , Lightsworn Hunter

1 D.D. Crow

1 Card Trooper

Spells : 10

2 Blaze Accelerator
2 Wild Fire

1 Heavy Storm

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Brain Control

1 Book of Moon

2 Shrink

Traps : 10

3 Royal Oppression

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

2 Divine Wrath
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force

1 Trap Dustshoot

I don't think there's really a need to explain how this works. Its basically a counter to all the meta decks with cards such as Royal Oppression and Divine Wrath. The standard Volcanic engine is used for destroying opposition threats , with Scattershot being a Lightning Vortex and a mini burn effect. Shells are used for single removal.

Kycoo and Thunder King Rai-Oh are here to further add to the anti-meta element , although it might sometimes clash with the Volcanic's effects. So use them at the right time. Finally , Wild Fire would be used when your opponent summons a swarm of monsters.

And , Royal Firestorm Guard would be draw power and recycle those Scattershots.

I will try to upgrade it more and use it this Saturday at the locals.

Give some fixes guys! I need help with this

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yes , scrubbing is fun! Today's games proved it.

I had nothing better to do but to test out a random deck which i saw on the internet which was featured in a random Shonen Jump Championships...

I played Anti-Meta Volcanics

Not bad actually , controlled Lightsworns like no tomorrow, and it stood on par with Zombie Synchro , but losing out in the end.

And , it was SERIOUSLY funny watching JH and Banana play. You can say Banana's weakness is JH bah...?

Anyways , how i got 3 decks already! Finally picking off!

1) Anti-Meta Volcanics
2) Twilight Beat
3) D-Zero

Not bad !!! But i dunno what to play next week. Maybe roll a dice?

Can some people give me comments?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fusion! The Combination of Fun and Strength!

Yes. Posting such a fun post means that i'm out of my "emo" state already. However, it has taught me a valuable lesson. The lesson was divided into several points , mainly :

1) MOV is screwed up (No offense)
2) I'm pretty much not as good as i thought.
3) I need to improve myself more.
4) Scamming is bad.

Anyways. I've decided to post up EVERY SINGLE tournament report and specifically show my scores during each day. I want the world and myself see the pattern and the growth i will undergo. I know this post sounds very ridiculous and it makes me look like an idiot, but i'm just typing out how i feel right now.

I know my teammates also read this blog (Yes , i'm refering to you guys) , and i also want ALL of you to watch me.

Anyways , back onto the topic. I'm making a fun deck again! And its D-Zero!

Yes , some might say that its a competitive deck, but i have fun playing it. Absolute Zero is one of my favorite Elemental Heroes , next to Flame Wingman and its Shining Counterpart. So , its very cool for me.

Ok , gtg. Will post the decklist after tournament this Saturday.


"Watch me. Not as i continue the journey, but how i will surpass all of you."

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Treat this as the Part 2 post of the Asia Qualifiers.

As i mentioned , i totally screwed up my plays and things yesterday.

But , i guess that the whole thing should be behind me.

The entire thing has broken my confidence and stomped me into the ground. I never expected to do so badly, losing out to JH and WX.

I need time to think about stuff.


Asia Qualifiers Pt.1

Not really in the mood to blog now. Very disappointed.

I'll just summarize it in some points.

1) Went to stay over at Jinny's place with Davin to playtest/crap
2) Woke up at 5am and went to Mac to eat breakfast. Met DY there
3) Meet the others at Clementi MRT and went to SMU
4) Also met Amos and Aaron at SMU and almost all Jurong players were there.
5) Games started. Trades were made.
6) Scrubbed with a score of 2-2
7) Saw a lot of scams.
8) Went home

Zzzz...In the end ,i got 57th out of 150+ people. Feel abit disappointed in myself. Not in the mood to blog anymore. I will stop here and continue tmr

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calm before the storm

No. I don't mean the Heavy Storm post from Rauzes.

( For anyone who is curious as to what i would do, i would follow LGQ and JUST STORM IT!!!)

It is about 1 hour and 39 minutes more before i sit for my second last O level paper. The stress level has drastically went down from the start of the exams until now. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow 9Am , when my final paper would be finished and i will perhaps burn all of my useless books in memory of this battle. A lot of things are happening within these few days , mainly :

- End of O Level *Tomorrow*
- Graduation Night *Tomorrow*
- Preparation for Asia Qualifier *Saturday*
- Jurong Tournament *Saturday*
- Asia Qualifiers *Sunday*
- Prom Night *Monday*
- Start of work *Wednesday*

As you can see , i'm SUPER packed this week and the next 2 months. But , my job will come first before Yugimonz. May only play during the weekends.

On the side note , my deck which i am using for Asia Qualifiers is coming along fine. It handles Lightlords and GB's quite well , except for the occasional JD+JD+Beckoning Light. Need some cards which i'm borrowing from Neuxcharge to finish it.

There may be only 3 more days to the Asia Qualifiers , but i want to use as much time as i have in order to train for it. Which would be.....the whole of Saturday?

That's it for today , bye bye

P.S : Anyone can give ideas on how to control Lightlords?

Absolute Powerforce

Went around everywhere to feel some ABPF packs today.

Spent a total of nearly $50 and got these :

Drill Warrior 3D
Savior Demon Dragon
Sun Dragon Inti
Reptiless Vasuki
Priest of the Sun
Demon's Chain *WOOT*

Plus a pile of commons and rare.

Dude...This set is REALLY hard to feel...We bombed ALOT.

Nevertheless , its still worth it

Monday, November 9, 2009

Testing : Chaos Control

Dismantled my Lightlord deck. Decided to go for something new.

Tested it with my teammates today. Found some flaws and upgraded it a little.

Changes :

1) Took out the GK Spies. i always drew both due to my little draw power.
2) Took out the Krebons and the E-Teleport. I found it abit....inconsistant.
3) Added some Shuras and Gale. Found this to be a easier synchro method.
4) Added Anti-meta elements.

Tested it with my Lightsworn before dismantling it and won it 12-4 without siding. Not bad.

Will update more soon

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Short Tourney Report

Tournament report in about 5 points :

1) Went to Jurong East at 11+

2) Met and chatted with some friends.

3) Got some good trades and buys.

4) Missed Top 6.

5) Went home after looking at next week's prize.

Grats to Jin Hao again for getting 1st again...Godmode. Plus , it was a good showing for our team this week. 6 of our team members entered and 3 went into top 6. Not bad. However, this tourney has made me lose a little confidence in my skills and deck. Don't get me wrong though , Lightsworn is good. But , maybe i wasn't in my groove today. Haiz...Failed to meet my expectations.

Next week is the Asia Tourney , so i cannot just sit back and do nothing. I need to practice more. There are tournaments the day before Asia Qualifiers. Maybe i will play another deck? I was thinking Chaos Control while i was going home since i just got 1 playset of Raiou. Maybe bah. If i would just stick to my Twilight.

As much as i love my decks, i don't really like the name "Twilight". Could be due to the book...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Summarised thoughts of O's this week!!!

Short and sweet.

Social Studies : Ok. Prediction : A2
Chemistry : Some careless mistakes. Prediction : B3-A2
Physics : Easy. Prediction : B3
Geography : Ok, Soso. Prediction : A2
Literature P1 : Good , if prose is ok. Prediction : A1
Literature P2 : Ok only. Prediction : A2
Biology : Easy. Prediction : A1

Very satisfied. 1 more week to my freedom

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Making this super quick post before i go study.

Anyone reads Initial D manga?

Cause i'm going to use an example from there to describe my situation.

In the manga, in order to train for the harder opponents which Project D is going to face, Takahashi Ryosuke made his brother , Keisuke , undergo acceleration training. Under this training , Keisuke is suppose to complete a run in their home course in the time specified by Ryosuke. Yes, on the dot. If he fails to do so, he would need to write down on a notebook the difference in the timing , no matter faster or slower than the time specified , and he has to understand himself why he failed to meet the target.

I would adopt this training as my own.

Although i have little time to train for the Asia Qualifiers next Sunday, i will have to make do with as much time as i have. Under this period , i would undergo excessive deck testing with my teammates after my final O Level paper and the weekends. I would ask them to go all out and use whatever deck they have against the deck i'm entering. Should i fail to win the opponent , i would have to explain to myself why did i lose and what was my mistake. This way , i would be able to learn from the mistake and go all out during the Qualifiers.

This would be the starting of my growth as a duelist , and as a competitive player.

Yup, thats how determined i am. Not saying that i have to win the Qualifier. I must want to do my utmost best there.

That's all , gtg to study.

Bye! And props to Keisuke! FD!!!!