Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wed of Holi =P

Today , woke up bright and early due to my running nose (Happens every morning...) , its like a alarm clock to me and i feel both glad and sad that i have this kind of nose.

Anyways , i ate my breakfast and went to Central to send my mail and buy MORE groceries for my mum. Mind you , my family consumes alot of food everyday and that does not make us fat...It's just because my mother takes pride in her cooking and always cooks up a healthy meal for us =P.After that , i took my brother over to our tuition center where he had his tuition , while i did my science holi hwk and maths practice book.

While heading back , we met Wendy and her family,they were just heading over for their tuition. Got back home and started to type this out. Well , gtg...Time to eat.


Monday, September 3, 2007

New Start!!

Wee!!! Back to blogging after such a looooonnnng time. ^_^

It's about time i returned to blog a little...Actually , it's just because i've got nothing to do during the holidays and i've finished all my holiday homework just yesterday(Wish i didn't).Anyways , today , i went to Clementi Central to buy groceries for my mum and get some Maths assessment books for preparing for SA2. I must change my Maths score from C to A liao , if not , i won't be able to even stand a single chance at entering 3E1 next year=P. Reached home and realised that i was running late for fetching my brother from tuition near JE , so , *goes and fetch brother back*.

Had lunch and sat down typing this post. After that , same daily life , watch TV , bath , eat , etc etc.

That's all for now , see you tmr =P