Saturday, January 7, 2012

First win of 2012!

Deck used: TG Agents

Format: 4 rounds of Swiss, cut to Top 8 (There were only 16 ppl.)

Round 1: Shaunewbiez (Inzecter Agents)

Game 1: Opened with Venus + Gantetsu and just slowly poked him to death, stopping his Damsel and Centipede with Raigeki Break and Warning

Game 2: He threw a Maxx C when i attempted to Venus call balls, but i just chionged and died to massive disadvantage.

Game 3: Forgot what happened here...

Round 2: Winson (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: Lost to Quasar...nuff said.
Game 2: Controlled with Banisher + other delicious stuff.
Game 3: The game went back and forth until i topdecked a Hyperion...

Round 3: Samuel (Dragonlords)

Game 1: Hyperion Daigusto OTK
Game 2: His turn to rush me with Light Pulsar + other stuff...
Game 3: Hyperion Daigusto OTK

Round 4: Xiaomei (Rabbit Ragia)

Let her win to avoid the full curse....

Top 8: Winson (Junk Doppel)

Shared. I went up.

Top 4: Plant (Lavals)

Game 1: He chiong me with Rekindling...

Game 2: Stalled abit with 2 Ball hand and eventually made 2 Gantetsu in fear of Rekindling. Manage to draw Reborn to get Raiou and he didn't top draw stuff to fight back. Was told later on that i could actually win that turn but i stress so make mistake =_=

Game 3: He got Rekindling early due to Gold Sarco, but didn't use it. Had to set my Warwolf and let his Flamvell Helldog eat in order to get my Striker. He then Trishula-ed me, removing my BLS and Venus from grave. Luckily...i topdeck-ed Hyperion and made Catastor with Striker + Venue in hand ftw.

Finals : Xiaomei (Rabbit Ragia)

Game 1: Rushed her but failed due to Gorz. She made Zenmaines with Tour Guide and i was forced to atk everything and she got rid of my Wyvern. I made my own Zenmaines and stalled abit until i summoned Honest and attacked with Honest, Zenmaines and Gantetsu for game.

Game 2: Ragia + Dolkka in 2 turns.... Luckily draw Book of Moon and cleared with Dark Hole. Managed to control with Venus + Gantetsu. Made a big mistake further on by leaving my Venus , Ball and Earth on the field for her to eat with Guaiba. She made Ragia after that, but i topdecked Honest for game.

Result: 1st!

Got my very own Emeral (Shared with Winson of course..)

Still, its such a great way to start 2012!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions!!

It's the start of a brand new year for everyone! Which means another year of YGO for not only me, but for every player out there. Now, for the usual yearly ritual of laying out my new year resolutions! (YGO and Non-YGO related)

1) Get fit, macho-man fit.

2) Good results

3) Scrub less in locals (Always here to stay every year, since i never achieve this.)

4) Top 8/4/2/1 for Asia Qualifier/Worlds Qualifier

5) Stick to one deck more (Not changing decks every 2-3 weeks. Not funny at all)

Well, here they are, at least what i can think of at the moment. Hope i can achieve them all :)