Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The End of the Storm

CA2 is officially over!! Well , it was actually over last Friday , but i only got on my computer today....Anyways , here are my results :

English : B4
A Maths : A1
E Maths : A1
Biology : C6
Physics : C6
Chemistry : A2
Geography : B3
Social Studies : B4
Chinese : B4
Literature : D7

To tell you the truth , i'm not at all happy with my results. I think that i could have done better at my Literature , Bio and Physics.... very disappointed in myself....

Anyways , on the good side , i met my primary school friend , Tyler , last Tuesday which i have lost contact with since Secondary 1. He just moved back from the US and moved to block 356 , whereas my block is 367 =P. I'm so glad i'm back with my bro again.

On the side note , i've just realised that i've recently ( Or a long time ago) started to get addicted to Initial D and cars... Everyday when i reach home , i would either go play it on my PSP or look for info on cars on the Internet. Like on the bus today while i was going to school , i saw what seemed to be like a Toyota MR-S S Edition (ZZW30) *Its a type of racing car with the engine at the back , known as MR* , didn't get to see the front though but i think that was what i saw from the rear view.

Life was normal today as usual. The one bit of interest would be the conversation Miss Manjit had with our class , i swear , it was DAMM FUNNY....But we promised to keep the conversation CONFIDENTIAL , so , too bad for you ^_^

Now , to end this post , a resolution for SA2! :

English : Target to get A2
E and A Maths : Maintain at A1
All three Sciences : Try to get a A2 for all , maybe B4 / 3 for my Physics and Bio
Combined Humanities (Geo + SS) : A1
Chinese : A2
Literature : At LEAST a C5 - B4

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mugging Season

Its that time of the year again folks! YES , its MUGGING SEASON once again!.

Note to self , always have these while mugging at home.

1)Large supply of coffee/coffee milk
2) Sweets
3) MP3/iPod/etc
4) Textbooks (duh?)
5)Post-It pads
6) Stationary

With these , i survived 2 days of mugging already ~

Alright , back onto topic. Parents and brother went to grandma's house today , they asked me to stay at home and study. Studied Chemistry from 10 - 11.30 and gosh , it was then when i realised that it was hard completing the 2006 paper Mdm Ng gave us , i was already stuck on the first few questions. Its decided , i'm gonna ask her if she can give some extra lessons this week *Hope 3E1 doesn't kill me for this*.

Had lunch *prepared by myself* and was back to mugging again , this time going through the compre paper Mrs Lee gave us. I seriously think she's the best English teacher a English teacher can get to , when its time to relax , she lets you relax , when its time for work , good luck =P

Mugged till 3+ and rested for awhile by watching some TV and playing some computer games all the way till 6 when i prepared my dinner.

Mugged from 7 till now for my Bio. Seriously , i think Bio is one of the toughest subjects for me. At first , i thought Physics was hard , now i just think Bio's hard and Physics no where near Bio.Had a bath and i'm here typing this out. Gonna do more mugging tmr on A Maths , Chemistry and Social Studies , and may not post until after Common Test. See Cya!