Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road to Nationals : Beginning

Finally found sometime off from school to start putting down my thoughts for the Singapore Nationals, which will be this Sunday.

Today, I will be talking about some of the decks which i THINK will be widely played during our nationals. These are just my thoughts and my point of view, so no hatred please! In no particular order:

- BF (Whirlwind/Graveyard)
- Agent Angels
- Machina Gadget
- Dandy (Junk Doppel/Debris Dandy)

I saw lots of Machina Gadgets during the 4 qualifiers. Maybe because of the single elimination, Machina Gadgets shined as the most consistent deck out of the other choices. Thus, i believe it will definitely make another appearance in the nationals.

Agent Angel would be the current rising star, having a fantastic showing at the Malaysian Nationals. The release of Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and other factors has led to an increase in popularity for this deck. I'll expect a good number of people entering nationals with this.

BF variants will always be in the format, proving themselves as they have survived many formats(and many nerfs). Especially Graveyard BF, which won 2 out of the 4 qualifiers.

Dandy variants will definitely appear at the nationals. However, with out Librarian and Shooting Quasar, i think most of them would lean towards Debris Dandy rather than being pure Junk Doppel.

That's all i have for today! Stay tuned tomorrow if i can think of some stuff to post

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Challenge

So i was in an MSN conversation with my school friends last night, doing what teenage boys can do, which was to DotA. Along the way of the conversation (we were waiting for the rest of the guys), some of my classmates started talking about YGO, cause they know i play it. Here's how it goes:

*Disclaimer: All vulgarities were removed and replaced for the sake of viewers*


Friend A: "Eh, June already leh...so fast holi going over le..."
Friend B: "Ya loh."
Me: "Ok lah, still got 1 week + mah."
Friend B: "Eh Bx, i thought ur ygo nationals coming up or something?"
Friend B: "I rmb last time all the big big competitions in june de."
Me: "Ya, it's in early July"
Friend A: "bx YGO man siol.."
Me: "..."
Friend A: "Srsly, you so noob, how to win? No point joining."
Friend B: "LOL"
Friend A: "How about this? If you can get into the semi-finals or whatever you guys call it, i'll treat you to lunch."
Me: "Wah, dun act lah"
Friend A: "I serious. I bring you go Aston's eat or something."
Friend B: "Eh, dun play play leh. This one not funny sia."
Friend A: "Aiya, lunch only, so cheap."
Friend A: "But if you nvr get in, must treat me lunch."
Friend B: "GG. He cfm no money."
Me: "LOL, what no money?"


After that, i thought about it a little, and all i could say was...

Get into Top 4
Let's do it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bukit Batok Top 16 World Qualifer Report

Deck used: Six Samurai

Format: Single Elimination

Round 1: VS Stark (Scrap Gladiators)

Game 1: First turn Shien, special summoned Kizan and set DEST and Oppression and ended. He set 1 monster and ended, which ate my next turn Trishula and all my monster beat.

Game 2: We exchanged afew blows, while i managed to defeat both of his Scrap Dragons, leaving my field with a single Yaichi and Grandmaster. He attempted to regain control by using Bestiari to attack my Yaichi, but i let my Yaichi drink Forbidden Chalice and he scooped.

Round 2: VS Rong Jie (Agent Angel)

Game 1: He drew no monsters, and i used Hand and stuff to beat him down.
Game 2: Trunade, followed by Hyperion , Christia and Trishula :(
Game 3: Topdecking mode, which got me a Hand to win.

Round 3: VS William (Grave BF)

Game 1: He OTKed me.
Game 2: Beat me down with Kinetic and Gozen. Not friendly AT ALL :(

Result : Top 8.

Shop owner was kind enough to give out WOW deckboxes for the 4 who lost in Top 8. So i'm ok, since i bought sleeves with the $10 required to purchase stuff with.

The online registration for World Qualifiers will begin on 22th. As there are only 64 slots available, i've got just about 3 days to finish up on modding my deck and ensure myself a slot in a chance to represent Singapore :D

Since its only 64 people, cutting to Top 12, it'll be slightly easier compared to last year's Qualifier whereby it was 64, cut to Top 8.

Gotta find out just what to fill up the last remaining space in my sidedeck and what tech should i play in my main.

That's all for today!

Congrats to William for advancing to Top 16!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dark World fun!

Tried out Dark Worlds today.

Damm fun!

Especially in mirror matches.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Khatib Singapore Top 16 WCQ Report

Wanted to make this a detailed one, but i'm tired from my friend's party, and i have a test tomorrow, so I'm gonna make this a quick one.

Promise i will do a detailed one for the next qualifier or the main event to make the post actually interesting to read :D

Deck used: GB

Format: Single Elimination

Round 1 : BYE

Round 2: VS Milton (Graveyard BF)

Game 1: Tired to multiple Arms Wings with no outs.
Game 2: Steadily grind for advantage with my GB's together with Holy Light.
Game 3: Same as Game 2

Round 3: VS Kenneth (Infernities)

Game 1: He does all the gay Infernity stunts to gain domination over the field.
Game 2: Struggled with Holy Light, but Infernity Break plus Empty Space Sea Dragon something is too strong.

Conclusion: DIED.

Aftermath: So i think i've got the right ideas for fill in the last few uncertain slots in my side deck and my main deck now. Maybe going to skip the Lorong Ah Soo qualifier and wait for the final one or just try my luck at the main event. Tuned my deck to fight better against Six Sam today but didn't meet any at all...instead i had to meet Infernities, which i can only side my stuff for Graveyard BF in to fight it again. Most probably going to go back to the drawing board and decide on how to make my deck better in time for the event.