Sunday, September 26, 2010

Asia Qualifers Plus is coming!

That's right!

The first selection is on next week! Which is so coincidentally 2 days before my birthday.

So have you guys decided on what decks to play yet?

As we all know, the combination of 3 decks to play would be decks which are independent and hold their own without commonly used cards.

Like : Frog Monarch + Heralds + Infernity?

Or : Quick-Dandy, Frog Monarch, Blackwings?

It's going to be real fun seeing all the new techs and decks which people will play in this team format.

That's all guys!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back! Progress Report!

Back from my class chalet that was on Monday to Wednesday.

Here's a little update on some deck's i've been working on, and will be working/testing out in the next few days!

#1 : X-Sabers!

I'm working on a OCG build, with no Boggart Knight and Darksoul, mainly cause i have no money for them. Still tweeking around with some card choices and other stuff. Main issues are those which Darksoul helps prevents, which are dead Faultrolls and even losses of advantage.

#2 : Synchro Dog!

Yes! With Hamsters now available to us, i'm looking forward to testing this deck out. Slightly hyped in the first YCS of the September Banlist, this is what Synchro Cat has became with the banning of Rescue Cat, a core card. Thus, the deck now focuses on the Flamvell part of the deck, gaining access to multiple Synchro Summons in a single turn, something else Flamvell's are famous for, due to Rekindling.

#3 : Moja

Fun deck! Favorite combos include summoning Beast Striker and discarding Plaguespreader/Grow-up Bulb. Weaknesses includes the fact that the deck focuses too much on the summoning of King of the Beast, that removal from cards such as Caius, Dimensional Prison and Bottomless Trap Hole.

That's all for today!

Stay tuned for updates and decklists when i finalized them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Screw Frigg's Apple, I've got myself some goat!

Screw the damm Apple trap card!

We have better things to talk about in Storm of Ragnarok!

That's right: The Polar Star Beasts!!!

A lot of combos formed in my head while i was reading all of each and everyone of their effects. General support for this theme could be :

- Super-Mega Nimble Hamster

- Gravekeeper Engine? (Spy + Descendant)

- Green Baboon perhaps?

- Maybe even those Beast -Supports from DREV?

Off of my head, i could already form some combos, like....

1) Opp whack Hamster, Hamster dies
- Set a Ryko through Hamster effect, Special Summon PSB Tanngnjostr
- Next turn flip Ryko to destroy random S/T
- Change PSB Tanngnjostr to ATK mode to SP Gullfaxi
- Synchro for Trishula! (4+3+2)

2) Opp whack PSB Tanngrisnir, SP 2 tokens
- Special Summon PSB Tanngnjostr from hand
- Next turn switch position to Special Summon PSB Gullfaxi
- Tune 2 tokens and PSB Gullfaxi into Polar God Monarch - Thor!
- Activate that random Grow-up Bulb's effect and make a Armory Arm!

3) Opp whack into Gravekeeper's Spy and destroys it.
- Special summon another Spy and a PSB Tanngnjostr from your hand.
- Next turn, switch Tanngnjostr's position to Special Summon PSB Gullfaxi
- Tune the Spy with Gullfaxi for Scrap Dragon!
- Destroy your own Tanngnjostr and your opponent's card or something. +1!

Look at the potential! These guys aren't just normal goats , aren't they?

Wonder what will the Polar Star Spirits will be their anime counterparts perhaps?

Oh well, we'll just have to wait for their effects.

Finally, as a final note, Kizan is too strong!

Yaichi + Kizan + Grandmaster + Shogun + Shogun


No Grandmaster also can play liao.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Extra Pack 3 Rarities

From another blog, it appears that..

- Gardestrike and Battlestorm are Ultras.

- The Super Rares are KKM Maximus, Swallow's Nest, Card Guard and Gateway of the SS.




Thoughts? Am i the only one who thinks the rares (Emmersblade..) and the commons (Hamster..) are more useful? Sure, i know every card has it's uses, but i just don't see myself or others buying 1 box just for the foils. Looks like it's going to be singles for me then..

Going to get :

3 XX-Saber Emmersblade
3 Super Mega Nimble Hamster
2 Swallow's Nest
A few Gardestrikes if someone makes a decent X-Saber build with no TCG stuff.

LOL, i guess that's it for this meaningless post.

More Nobleman of Crossout fun after EXP3 is out!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Khatib Tournament (11/9/10)

Deck used : Whirlwind Black Feather

Format : 3 Round of Swiss

Match 1: Shelton (Lightlords)
Game 1: Beat him down with Shura and backup Bizzards
Game 2: Holy Light killed me when i had no outs to it.
Game 3: I guess it's the same as Game 2? Only this time he had other stuff.

Match 2: Pampers (Macro Monarch)
Game 1: Beated him down.
Game 2: Same as Game 1.

Match 3: Clarence (Dimensional Eatos)
Game 1: Beated him down with Shura + others
Game 2: Stalled with Snowman Eater, and proceed to counterattack with some Blizzards.

Top 16: Jeremy (Machina Gadget)
Game 1 : Rai-Oh controlled me, and he had too many answers to my summons.
Game 2 : Giant Trunade and Cyber Dragon gave me control.
Game 3 : Epic game. I DDV'ed him, making him lose 3 monsters. He used Gearframe to attack me continuously, while i kept on drawing no monsters and more DDV and Icarus Attack. Wanted to wait until he deplete his hand to summon Fortress so that i can Dark Hole him. But i lost in the end.

Learnt a lot today. Going back to tweek my deck a little more.

That's all for today.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exams are over!

Yes! Exams are over! Which means more YGO!

Sorry for the lag of posts for the last weeks, as most of the time i was busy studying and preparing for my Final Term Papers. So now, i'm a free man!

I'll be heading down to Khatib this Saturday, hopefully with the cards i need from Joz. His mail hasn't arrived yet, so i'm short of some stuff.

Worst comes to worse, i'll just play without the stuff.

Today's 5D's episode was cool. Waiting for some manga chapters to be released.

That's all for today i guess. More updates coming soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tourney Report (1st Sept)

Deck used : Whirlwind Black Feather


Match 1 : Jia Heng (Quickdraw Dandywarrior)

R1: Forgot what happen.
R2: Beat him down with Arms Wing
R3: They say "what goes around, comes around." I lost to a top decked Pot of Avarice...

Match 2 : BYE

Match 3 : Melvin (Chaos Stun)

R1: BF rushed him.
R2: Same thing, but he had a mistake, causing him to unable to reverse the situation.

So i got into Top 4.

Top 4 : ???? (Whirlwind Black Feather)

R1: Forgot how i lost.
R2: Lose to Damudo.

Ranking : 3rd/4th?? (NO PRIZE...)


Stupid sia, Host can give 3 prizes, then Sam asked if can just give 2 prizes, 1st being the box, then Bryan just say 2 prizes loh? WTF? Everyone asking for 3 prizes, which is just splitting the box between 1st and 2nd, then he dun wan...


I'll post the decklist tomorrow and explaining some tech choices.