Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cardmaster Tournament Report (26/3)

Deck used : Graveyard BF

Format : Swiss of 4 rounds. Cut to Top 8

Match 1 : VS Akira (Debris Hero)

Game 1: Got beatdown by Another Neos and other stuff.
Game 2: Rushed him while he had no monsters.
Game 3: Black Rose nuked my field and i lost from there.

Match 2: VS Vishal (Whirlwind BF)

Game 1: Controlled with backrow + Arms Wing beat.
Game 2: Damudo owns the game.

Match 3: VS Alex (Six Sam)

Game 1: Tio rushed
Game 2: Rushed him
Game 3: Rushed him

Match 4: VS David (Hero Gate)

Game 1: Beat him down with Arms Wing and some other stuff.
Game 2: OTK with Scrap Dragon , Damudo and 3k Colossal.

Shared with David upon initial agreement. I just managed to squeeze into Top 8, being 8th.

Top 8: VS Leo (Naturia Lockdown)

Game 1: Bambooshoot owns. True Story
Game 2: Won with big backrow
Game 3: Tio rushed by 2x Des Lacooda and 1 Medusa Worm. SMLJ...

5th/6th: VS ??? (Machina Gadget)

Game 1: Card Trooper beatdown
Game 2: Holy Light owns me.
Game 3: Hand stuck with Gardna, Carrier and Bulb.. GG

7th/8th: VS Baha (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: Rush him and ended game with Return from D.D.
Game 2: Controlled with my backrow and Damudo beat him down.

Results : 7th

Just took some jank Majestic Dragon Archfiend holo since i already have Holo Odin.

2nd time with Graveyard BF and both times i win something, not bad not bad :D

Hope this continues :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Question

No idea what to play in this new format.

Karakuri Machina Plant, Hero Beat, Gravekeepers, Graveyard BF, etc etc.

Sooooo many choices, yet i can't think of what i should play....

Luckily i'm working part-time now, so i can only join tourneys every now and then.

KMP is like the new Six Sam.

Gravekeeper and Hero Beat are the beatdown/irritating decks.

Finally, Graveyard BF is....Graveyard BF.

Anyone can tell me what to play?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Singapore Asia Qualifers Report (13/3)

Deck used : Blackwings [Sayonara! Kalut and Goyo :( ]

Format : Swiss of 7 Rounds. Cut to Top 8

In total, i played against :

3 Six Samurai
3 BF
1 Gravekeepers

Round 1 : VS Rick (Six Sam)

Game 1: Had outs to his cards, plus dropped Damudo for game.
Game 2: Same as Game 1

Round 2: VS Chard (Six Sam)

Game 1: Forgot how i lost
Game 2: Forgot how i won
Game 3: Damudo won my game.

Round 3: VS Joo Kian (BF)

Game 1: Died
Game 2: His hand too imba.

Round 4: VS Bryan Tew (BF)

Game 1: Forgot how i lost.
Game 2: Beat him down.
Game 3: Forgot how i lost

Round 5: VS Jacky (Gravekeepers)

Game 1: Beatdown with Shura and Bora
Game 2: Beat with Kalut

Round 6: VS Cassandra (Six Sam)

Game 1: Forgot how i won.
Game 2: She topdeck Smoke Signal and won with Mizuho/Shinai destroying my Brionac and stuff
Game 3: Topdeck Blizzard for game.

Round 7: VS Zhi Wee (BF)

Game 1: Dunno what happened.
Game 2: Android beat him down
Game 3: Both of us in topdecking mode, but he topdecked a monster before me.

Results : No idea??? 4-3

Pros :

- Didn't lose to any Six Sam.

Cons :

- Can't believe i lost all my mirror matches

Hope to do better at World Qualifers.

That's all!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Asia Qualifers tmr!

Good luck to everyone who is joining!

Expect a report from me for this big event!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beauty World Tournament (9/3)

Deck used: Blackwings

Format : Swiss of 3 Rounds. Asia Format/Sept 2010 Banlist

Round 1: VS Sunny (Six Samurai)

Game 1: Died to soooo many Trishula + Shien
Game 2: Beatdown with all the birds
Game 3: Both of us stalled with no monsters. But i got my monsters earlier and won.

Round 2: VS Sam (Karakuri Machina)

Game 1: Triple Bureido stunt + Massive backrow. Good game.
Game 2: Rushed him with Catastor and my backrow prevented alot of his stuff.
Game 3: Same as Game 1

Round 3: VS Jia Jie (Six Samurai)

Game 1: Died due to mistake.
Game 2: Rush him.
Game 3: Kinetic + Shura own.

Move on to Top 3 aka round robin...

Top 3: VS Sam (Karakuri Machina)

Game 1: Trishula surprise buttsex!
Game 2: Beat down with all the birds.

So i just took the Librarian cause the other stuff are...meh to me.

Casual Match : VS Ming Ta (Six Samurai)

Game 1: Damudo owns the world.
Game 2: Keep on throwing Blizzards at him. He use Kageki whack my Kinetic until he left 100. Then somehow i won.


Results : 1st/2nd bah.

Now to wait for this coming SUNDAY :D

PS3 :D

Try loh.