Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lack of posts for this week!

As title.

I'm very busy this week with all the tests and project presentations being bombarded to me faster than better Trishula'ed by Infernity.

No choice, so i don't be blogging much this week.


I promise a tag team tournament report on Saturday, and a deck post on Sunday!

Stay tune to it!

Thanks for understanding~


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to school...

School reopens again tomorrow, which means back to poly life for me.. @_@

Anyways, the 2 weeks of holidays were as if it wasn't holidays... more than 1 week was spent on the stupid GK summit event at school, plus projects = like school days liddat.. Regardless, there was still time for me to go down and play more often, including World Qualifers, which was damm sad.

Also, there is a Tag Team tournament on 10th July!! Long time no see!! Although i don't have meta decks such as BF and Infernity, which would be good to run in pairs, i'll still try to find a partner for it. Plus, i got alot of new stuff within these new days (wallet feels empty -_-''), which can let me build more decks =P

Finally, my project presentation for Social Enterprise is on Thursday. Hope i don't screw this one up like IT APP. Retarded teachers give retarded grades, thats all i can say.

So it's good bye to my cards on weekdays!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Short Tournament Report (25th June)

Deck Used : Synchro Cat

Format : Swiss of 3 rounds


Match 1 : VS Taiho (QuickDraw DandyWarrior)


Match 2 : VS Eugene (Black Knight Dark)


Match 3 : VS ??? (Gadgets)


I had 6 points, so we had to fight for the 2 final places in the Top 8.

Placement Match 1 : VS Jeff (BF)

Placement Match 2 : VS Jeric (Infernity)

Final Placing : 9th? Just to make myself feel better.. @_@


Shit, the scrubbing streak is coming back again....



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What happens when you combine an archetype which you like the most, with the most irritating archetype in your mind?

The result??

A whole new deck!!!

That's right, i'm trying to do that~

It's coming along fine, just need a few more pieces of the puzzle before i can finally play the deck in a tournament and publish it here.

Btw, it's not originated by me, so i'll give credits to the creator of the idea when i post the decklist.

That's all for tonight!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Random thought while doing project at friend's house!

Firstly, after some persuading from Chard-sama , I have decided to continue playing my dear Synchro Cat deck~ If Redempt can continue playing Lightlords and dominate with it, i don't see the reason why i can't.

Editted the entire decklist though, needed some changes to fight with BF/Infernity.

Then, looks like Ken's coming to SG next week! Really like how one blogger after another is coming to SG. First is Andrew, then Ken, who's next? Mike?

Finally, i need some Swap Frogs and Treeborn Frogs!!! Someone sell/trade/give me some please!!

That's all for this small little update~

Back to project work...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scrubby Day

Yeah, scrubbed at nationals today.

Sold some stuff, bought some stuff, that's about it. Watched Redempt play in Top 8 but he sadly lost. Jeric got 2nd, so grats to him!

My matchups were BF, Frog FTK, Colin Superspecial Synchron Delight, Frog Monarch and BF. Let's just say that the frogs screwed up my scores. Yeah, i hate Frogs now, sharing the same hatred as Blackie. Nvm, next time will have stuff to counter them le.

Yeah, boring report ftw!

Nothing to say lar, lose then lose loh, luck wasn't really with me today, as with every other day.

Putting my Synchro Cat into a nice deckbox and leaving it on the shelf for awhile, cause abit tired of playing it for so long. Time to change deck again!

Dunno what to form/reform.

See how bah, finish project then think about it.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day before World Qualifer!

Yup, it's the night before the big day!

Preparing a lot of things to bring for tmr. My album , spare cards to sell , deck, sidedeck and extra deck, and a lot of stupid stuff such as calculator,paper, etcetcetcetcetecetc.

I think i might take a break from YGO after tmr. Gotta start working on those holiday projects which are not done =P

Meanwhile, i'm eager to get the new Elec support which will be coming in Star Strike Blast! Gotta love those cute Pikachu-like animals!

Also, i've been thinking of a good Gadget build to play with. Dun think i'll play the Machina build since Chimeratech Fortress will pop out after tomorrow.

Yup, that's all i can say now. All i can do now is to pray, pray, pray ,pray and hope that the Goddess of Luck will be with me tomorrow!

Sayonara! Gambatte!!!

*Goes to pray*

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tournament Report (18th June)

Deck used : Synchro Cat

Format : Swiss of 3 rounds , cut to Top 8 (World Qualifier format)


1st Match : VS Jeric (BF)

R1: BF rush!
R2 : Arcanite Tempest win!
R3 : Forgot!

1-0 (2 points)

2nd Match : VS Baha(Machina Gadget)

R1 : Gadget Rush
R2 : Slowly poked for game. He drew no monster and i System Downed his only Fortress
R3 : Topdeck mode! I won with a top decked Breaker.

2-0 (4 points)

3rd Match : VS Richard (Infernity)

R1 : Die to synchro swarm.
R2 : Forgot how i won
R3 : Forgot how i lost.

2-1 (5 points)

Results : SCRUBBED!!!!!


It's ok, you win some , you lose some.

Just don't lose this Sunday can liao!

At least i didn't scrub too badly. Synchro Cat is nice to play!

Got some trades today too! Sold some stuff and brought my Scrap Dragon!

That's all for today!

Expect a report on Sunday night for the World Qualifers!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Countdown : 4 days more!

It's 4 more days to World Qualifiers, and everyone is up and training rigorously for it (i think?)

Anyways, i have been a bit slacking these few days from training due to stuff from school and class parties, so..hehehehehehe. *i think i better continue soon...*

Meanwhile, i finalized the decklist for my deck which i'm taking to Pomo this Sunday! Added some minor changes to the side deck and the main so that i can deal with the minority decks which would appear such as Lightlords, Froggy Monarch, Synchro Cat, etc etc.

Scrubbed at the Jurong East Trishula Tournament last Saturday, so there wasn't really anything to write about. But i guess i'll be joining the Trishula tournament this Friday, which would be in the World Qualifier's format, which means NO GETTING TRISHULA-ED 3 TIMES!!!!!

Yarh, exaggerating ftw!

Couldn't meet Andrew yesterday since it was my class party. I guess i'll meet him at locals this week or something.

That's all for now! I still have two 1500 words essays to plan out.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Stuff!

Firstly, a crap banner!

Just cropped it out of some wallpaper and changed its stuff(brightness, etc)

Then, the new design!

Blogger rocks! Their new design template feature is awesome!

That's all fortoday!


Friday, June 11, 2010


Take a look guys!

It's almost the same format as before, except that there is a elimination round at first, in order to cut the number down to 64. The elimination round score will also be determined by how fast you finish your match. deck takes quite long to run one leh...

Anyways, i'll have to speed up my plays then. Fast thinking would be required for me.

Also, about the calculation for the swiss rounds. All i can say is...





Dun give a damm about it. Thinking about it will just make you more worried about some shit which you're not suppose to give a damm about. Instead, just focus on thrashing your opponent, smashing his face into the ground and claiming absolute victory....something along that line.

That's basically why i didn't really read through the calculation method, all i do is to win , win , win , win , win , win , win and.....oh yeah , WIN!

Also, its a cut from 64 to Top 8. So only 1/8 of the people would make it. So... yarh, i already emphasised on the "keep on winning or fuck off" part.

Yup... I can't imagine losing in the elimination round... @_@

Nah, that won't happen. I won't allow it to happen.

Ok! on a brighter and more non-serious tone, i have finally finished my deck for the Qualifers! Serves me right for submitting my decklist with cards which i don't even have yet =P

Aww well! ^^


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Are OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Goes and grabs deck*

SO happy!

Now i finally have time to practice for World Qualifiers next week!


Sunday, June 6, 2010



Splashing Honest into Synchro Cat is awesome, as with a lot of other decks.

So many uses for it.

Use it with Ryko to beat over Stardust?

Set it to bait out Nobleman of Crossout instead of your Spy/Ryko/Tomato/whatever?

Food for Chaos Sorcerer?

Fuel Pot of Avarice?

Protect your Bicorn/Magical Android/Thunder Unicorn/Counterless Arcanite from being beatdown?

Yup, he rocks!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Finally! Made time today to playtest random decks! Thanks to Wee Min and Lennon whom took time off to practice together!


Synchro Cat VS Infernity

If they have Trishula, then it would be a uphill battle for me. However, with no Trishula's, i would say that i'm standing on even footing with them, take wins and loses here and there.

Synchro Cat VS Blackwings

I'm starting to get the momentum on how to fight BF. Timings for disruption had to be critical. Overall, after play-testing here and there, i was leading by quite a abit. Boosted my confidence of BF matchups!

Synchro Cat VS Quickdraw Dandywarrior

Yup, that deck is still freaking irritating. Caius after Caius after Caius.... But still, i can handle that matchup. Side decked properly and was able to fight it with certain ease, although there are also some loses.

Synchro Cat VS Psycho Shocker Synchro

Luckily i won't be seeing this at World Qualifers. No Birdman love!


In conclusion, today really helped a lot for me. Not only am i more confident of BF matchups now(just a little), i also got a brief view of the distribution of the decks which could appear at World Qualifers. Nice day i would say.

That's all for today!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random things happening at home #2

Yeah, I think i'm going to go ahead with these posts until my exams has ended, since i can't go out in the meantime. Life sucks without my laptop and the earliest it will be repaired is this Thursday. Talk about being accurate, saying it will take "3-5 working days" when the earliest return date is 1 WEEK already.....

WTF right?

Anyways, some updates on what i've been doing in the meantime :


1) Worked out goals which my deck is suppose to achieve within each round of a match! This is kinda cool since i can alter the choices of stuff to put in in order to achieve the goal. Goal =/= get into Top 16/8 kind of goal.

Eg. Infernity focuses to win Game 1 with their gay loop ASAP, since Game 2 and 3 would be focused on attempting to do the loop WITH protection from disturbances.

It's coming along ok, although i haven't really tested it. Going to test it this Friday.

2) My project presentation is tmr! Wish me luck guys! Hope to get a A+!!!

3) Only 2 common tests and it's TERM BREAK! Some more both tests are MCQ!!!!!!!!

4) World Qualifiers is in 19 days! And i haven't even practiced one single tiny bit...

5) There isn't any 5, since i can't think of any right now. Wait......nope, no idea what to type here.

6) Yeah! Thought of something to type here! Want to try a new deck!!!

That's all!

BB (Hope to win a Trishula!)