Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cardmaster Tournament Report (19/2)

Deck used : Blackwings

Format : Swiss of 4 Rounds, Cut to Top 8

Match 1: VS Milton (Blackwings)

Game 1: He had a bad hand so i rushed him.
Game 2: Goyo took my Arms Wing then it went downhill from there.
Game 3: He made a mistake by removing DAD. So i won with him having no monsters.

Match 2: VS Clarence (Six Samurai)

Game 1: He had a bad hand. So i rushed him
Game 2: Same as Game 1

Match 3: VS Jeff (Debris Dandy)

Game 1: Forgot what happened
Game 2: Forgot
Game 3: Forgot :D

Match 4 : VS Ryan (Anti-Meta)


Top 8: Xiaomei

GOOOODDD GAME..Both game open with xX Dojo and Gateway.

Played and played to get 8th place.

Results : 8th (TG Dragonfly)

Now time to concentrate on exams. Luckily, this will not be the last time i can play my BF at the current banlist, cause the Asia Qualifiers is using Sept 2010 banlist, so i can have 1 more chance with my friend.

I have no idea what to play for the next format.

With the current things i have, i can go:

1) Grave - BF (Best Option IMO)
2) Psychics (Depends if i can find a good build)
3) X-Sabers (OCG)

That's all for today. No tournaments for next week. Bye!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tournament @ Jurong East Report (11th Feb)

Deck used: Fairies

Format: Swiss of 3 Rounds. Cut to Top 6.

Match 1: VS Eugene (Debris Dandy)

Game 1: Controlled with Hyperion and Solemn Warning
Game 2: Forgot how it went.
Game 3: Nobleman of Crossout all the stuff he has. Won from there

Match 2: VS Ryan (Anti-Meta)

Game 1: Topdecked Hyperion to win.
Game 2: Oppression + Raiou screwed my whole hand
Game 3: OTKed him with 2 Hyperion, 1 Ancient Holy Wyvern and 1 Mystic Shine Ball :D

Auto go up to Top 6

Top 6: VS Jonas (Blackwings)

Played for fun, cause we were sharing. I let him go up cause i needed to leave for dinner with my family.

Results : 2nd

Alright!! Got 5 packs for myself :D

Best performance for my Fairies so far. Hope it continues! Will stop joining tournaments for awhile, since my exams are coming.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tournament @ Jurong East (2th Feb)

Deck used : Fairies

Format : Swiss of 4 Rounds.

Match 1 : VS Chard (Fairies)

Game 1: His hand was better than mine.
Game 2: Did a mistake of not using Chain Disappearance on his Mystical Shine Ball. Lost from there.

Match 2: VS Winson (Debris Dandy)

Game 1: Flip up Venus and tribute summoned Christia. Won from there.
Game 2; Turn 1 Vahalla + Christia +3 set backrows. Won from there.

Match 3: VS Ryan (Debris Dandy)

Game 1: Forgot how i won
Game 2: Trishula + Christia

Match 4: VS Joo Kian (Sporelords)


Results : Shared.

Like the new build better, with no Elephant's Gift and stuff.