Thursday, August 19, 2010

What to play next format?

Tough question?

It is to me...

Have no idea what to play for the next format. So many decks to choose from, so many ideas popping out every now and then while i'm studying XD

Obviously, with Black Rose Dragon going to 3, the next top deck would be between...


That's right, both of which can just spam Black Rose from 1 card whenever they want to~

Next up in line would be Lightsworn, Blackwings and Gladiator Beast.

With no Heavy Storm and 2 MST, Gladiator Beast won't fear setting all of their M/T now, as they have an easy out to BRD also, the 2 MST's also dealing with Royal Decree @ 3.

More Twilight variants of Lightsworn will start popping out due to the Chaos Sorcerer going to 2.

Blackwings are still going strong even with the loss of 1 Whirlwind and 1 Oppression. Some people have to discussing about converting Blackwings into a Pseudo-Chaos deck, with mained Thunder Kings and Chaos Sorcerer (Not to be confused with Twilight Beat). 2 MST's also help deal with those pesky Bottomless Trap Holes while Delta Crow - Anti Reverse will act as a weakened Heavy Storm for them.

Now, we have those unaffected decks, like Heralds, Dragunity and Machina

Heralds get a boost from 3 Royal Decree.

Dragunity will have to be careful now due to everyone playing 2 MST.

Machina will have to be careful also, due to 3 Cyber Dragons.

3 Cyber Dragons also mean that the CYBER END DECKS ARE BACK! Now i just can Power Bond into Cyber End and smash right into your Ryko~ And drop Honest while i'm at it~

It also means that random Power Bond decks will pop out now. Maybe people will Power Bond summon Cyber Twin and OTK you for all i care. It happened to me once, and it wasn't funny at all.

And there are those other decks which i'm pretty lazy to mention , MGS, Frogs, etcetcetcetcidungiveashit.

That's my perspective.

So, up til the end of doing this post, i STILL don't know what to play...haiz...


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Exiro said...

I still don't get why Perfect Declarer would need Royal Decree....