Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cardmaster Tournament Report (4th Dec)

Deck used : Six Samurai

Match 1: VS Jonas (Six Samurai)

Round 1 : Make mistake and died
Round 2 : Make mistake and died

Match 2 : VS Jess (BF)

Round 1 : Damudo owns the world
Round 2 : Forgot how i won
Round 3 : Damudo owns the world

Match 3 : BYE

Match 4 : VS Chard (Six Samurai)

Round 1: Controlled him with Shien and Solemn Warning
Round 2: MST all my Gateways and controlled me
Round 3: Goyo took my Landols and it went downhill from there.


As you can see, this is probably the most pathetic swiss score for Six Samurai for me. Made ALOT of mistakes today. I'm not going to use "This is my first day playing SS mah..." as a retarded excuse.

No tournies for me cause i'm going on my overseas study trip next weekend.

Really gotta stop scrubbing like a dog.

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