Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tournament Report (28/4)

LOL, after so long, decided to stop being lazy and post something before this blog dies again.

Deck used: Geargia Karakuri
Format: 4 Round Swiss, cut to Top 8

Round 1: VS Jun Cai (Inzektor)
Game 1: 2nd turn Storm + Burei/Bureido flood field and Limiter Removal
Game 2: Cannot get over his Crimson Shadow plus my hand was jank
Game 3: He died to his own Acid Golem

Round 2: VS Jeff (Asia Champ Hero Beat)

Game 1: Hand of 4 Karakuri, luckily his hand wasn't that good either so i beat him down.
Game 2: Lost to a field of Absolute Zero and Ailus
Game 3: Forgot what happened

Round 3: VS Mango (Inzektor)

Game 1: Died to Inzektor stunts
Game 2: Storm + Burei/Bureido flood field
Game 3: Hand of 2 E-Tele and 2 Psychic Commander. Made Zenmaines to try and stall but his hand too good.

Round 4: VS Sam (Malaysia Champ Hiero)

Game 1: He turn 1 Storm me then died to all the hiero stunts.
Game 2: Hand of 2 E-Tele and 1 Psychic Commander again. Tried to stall but he Card-Car D 2 times and PoD 3 times before he Heavy Storm-ed and chionged me to death.

Result: 2-2 (Scrubbed)

Quite a fun deck to play with, even though a lot of mistakes. Rather play this than boring Inzektors anyday, unless really sick and tired of scrubbing like a dog.

Fuck the 2 E-Tele and 2 Commanders. Seriously...

That's all for today, bye!


Bahamut84 said...

Bitch pls, you havent draw 3 tele 3 krebons before.

HeroKnight said...

Bitch pls, not my era #nothingtodohere

andrewnwq said...

jeff no title but sam got malaysia champ? Wah disrespect sia

HeroKnight said...

Wa someone angry sia. Editted :X

Merkava_MKIV said...

Can you please post a decklist for this?