Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Overdue Tournament Report (2nd Sept)

Deck used: Mermail

Round 1: Amo (BF)

Game 1: He started with a Rai-Oh and a set m/t. Cleared both and OTKed during my first turn, lolol.
Game 2: Thought he playing Hero Beat, so sided standard stuff, turned out he was playing BF. Close enough. A lot of Snowman + Water Art at work here.

Round 2: Baha (Hero Beat)

Game 1: Lost too much card advantage and died to Photon Thrasher
Game 2: Was losing until topdeck Reborn, took his Bubbleman, draw 2 and got Diva, which gave me the win.
Game 3: Time was called during side-decking, so i took out the useless stuff. He kept setting monsters and i didn't dare to rush him since it became sudden death. After both of us passing a few turns, i just rushed him and won. All his sets were Maxx C and Veilers , lol

Round 3: Kenneth Plant (Hanzo Mermail)

Game 1: Was controlling the board well until he topdeck Hanzo and proceed to derp the following turn.
Game 2: My mistake of not knowing Big Eye's full effect, causing me the game.

Round 4: Poh Choon (Hero Beat)


3-1 (Proceed to Top 8)

Top 8: Plant again (Hanzo Mermail)

Revenge is so sweet.

Top 4: Johann (Agent Angel)

Top 2: Nian Jie (Offering Machina Gadget)

Results: 2nd

Had a really fun time playing Mermails, since it was the first time i'm playing with this deck and there were a lot of combos and stuff that i didn't know, which i subsequently learnt through the two mirror matches with MrSackPlant. Having made it at least into Top 4, i got approval to play this deck for Asia+ by my teammates, lololol. But still considering what decks i am more comfortable with playing. 

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