Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asia Plus 2012 Main Event Report

Team Formation
Leader: Johann (Dark World)
Player 1: William (Hero)
Player 2: Me (Mermail)

As we won one of the pre-qualifiers, we are automatically seeded into Top 8 of the main event. So i got to get a full 10hrs+ of sleep before heading down to the event itself. We didn't really change in terms of our deck from the build we had during the pre-qualifiers. Only major changes was mine whereby i overhauled my entire trap lineup to adapt better to the popular lineups (DW, Hero, Mermail).

Top 8: VS Tian Yu Di: Soon Hai (Inzektors)

Game 1: His Centipede with Hornet destroyed my Sphere, which net me enough cards to rush him next turn with 2 Megalo, Moulin, and friends.

Game 2: He opened with D Fissure and set 2. My entire hand was dead, except for Diva which ate Warning. He then summoned Gulf equip Gigamantis and punched me. I drew and end turn. He equiped Zekcaliber and punched me, setting 2 more before ending. I topdeck into Heavy Storm and proceeded to win as all the OTK cards in my hand became live. 

Team Score: *OO (Johann's game was discontinued i think?)

Top 4: VS DOTE: ??? (Agent Angel)

Game 1: No idea what he was playing, as he only summoned Kycoo to attack my Slinde. I then proceeded to OTK him the next turn with Undine + Offering + Salvage

Game 2: Didn't know what he was playing so i just sided some random Dust Tornadoes. He opened with Earth taking Venus. Everything was blur after that. But i made a Revise Dragon and detached Marksman to destroy his Ryko and proceed to win.

Team Score: O*O (William's game was discontinued)

Finals: VS Mangoes are Plants!: Samuel (Wolflord!)

Game 1: Sort of one-sided as i slowly gained advantage with Undine and friends. He didn't have any delicious mills or enough Lightlords for Judgement Dragon. 

Game 2: Again it was sets and passes by Samuel while i took the offensive and slowly poked him. Ending with a field of Catastor and Dragoons, he summoned Judgement Dragon and cleared my field and summoned Garoth to attack me, leaving 1450 left. I then summoned Diva into Infantry to normal summon my  in-hand Marksman into Gungnir and destroyed both of them and attacked for game.

Team Score: XOO

Results: 1st! 

Was really tensed during the finals as William was losing in his third game. But his imba lucksack powers is too strong + his opponent make mistakes, so we were able to clinch the first place! Really thankful for my teammates for being able to bring this team to the top. Hong Kong here we come! Gonna get that Mermail Playmat and play Mermails for life lolol.

Also a big shoutout to Team Aequus for clinching 3rd today! You guys did great! We then proceeded to have some awesome food.

PS: We were charged $4.90 for "Gummy Bear" DAFAG?!?!?!!? Guys?


LFN said...

congrats on ur win :)

EdseL said...

Congrats man! ^^

GQ said...

Congrats on your win, Char would be proud :)

HeroKnight said...

Thanks everyone!