Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Change of mindset

I know.

There is still quite some time before World Qualifiers.

But its a sorta good timing to start changing your mindset bit by bit in preparation.

Heard that the World Qualifiers would start for Malaysia on the 2nd of May.

If that month would be ours too, then we have around 1 month to prepare only!

Stuff that will happen :

1) If you get a Heavy Storm, you will NOT hesitate to use it, unless it makes you lose advantage.

2) No reliance on promos like Raiou/Gorz. BF just became abit harder to beat.

3) Malevolent Catastrophe would be widely used (As mentioned on previous post)

4) Trap Stun would be widely used too to prevent Icarus Attack and Malevolent Catastrophe.

5) Infernity decks will have no Trishula, but they can still summon alot of Synchros to beat.







But, there's still a lot of time left. Perhaps its just me being overly excited.

Anyways, i myself have no idea what to run on that day itself.

Since a lot of things would have changed by then, like the release of The Duelist Revolution.

Wouldn't be surprised if i had to play a Tele-DAD deck teched with Ultimate Psychicker and Miracle Synchro Fusion in Round 1 or something.

Or i'll have to fight a randomly gay new FTK made by Baha.

Ok, thats all for today.


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