Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tourney Report (4/4/10)

Sorry for not updating for the past week.

Parents aren't at home, so i had to do chores, laundry , etc.

Now, onto the report. no details of the matches will be given cause i'm extremely tired and i can't remember what happened.


Deck used : GB

Reached Khatib CC at 1PM. Collected my Duelist ID and watched Gabriel play against Jess. Others arrived and i volunteered to be the guinea pig for Kenneth to playtest his new MGS deck against.

Finished that and went for lunch. Came back, and Darren + Aaron + Jeric + others arrived. Tournament started at 3PM

Match 1 : VS Jeff (BF)

(0 Points)

Match 2 : VS ??? (Synchron Deck)

(1 point)

Match 3 : VS Jeric (BF)

(3 points) *Actually suppose to be 2-1, but he couldn't go up anyways. So he helped me a little.*

Match 4 : VS Clarence (BF)

(5 points) === Proceed to Top 8

Top 8 Match : VS Yi Jie (GB)

So....all the good prizes were out of my reach now. Went to the scrubber's table to participate in the...

"Try not to get the Backup Warrior"

Played against Akira and won him 2-0 , which automatically made me get 5th place and i decided to take the One Hundred Eye Dragon.

Aaron got 4th and took the Sin Red Eyes.

Ate dinner together and then went home.


Overall, it was a great day. Because.....

1) I won something
2) Heard a lot of playing GB by watching Gabriel play his Oppression GB and fighting Yi Jie.
3) Sidedeck choices were good too.

Yup. And i've gotten new motivation to play Oppression GB again!

That's all for today


P.S : To Neuxcharge ==== Protector of the Sanctuary says hi!

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Neuxcharge said...

Tell him hi back =D

Never knew someone ran it in the Tournament that day ^^