Thursday, September 16, 2010

Screw Frigg's Apple, I've got myself some goat!

Screw the damm Apple trap card!

We have better things to talk about in Storm of Ragnarok!

That's right: The Polar Star Beasts!!!

A lot of combos formed in my head while i was reading all of each and everyone of their effects. General support for this theme could be :

- Super-Mega Nimble Hamster

- Gravekeeper Engine? (Spy + Descendant)

- Green Baboon perhaps?

- Maybe even those Beast -Supports from DREV?

Off of my head, i could already form some combos, like....

1) Opp whack Hamster, Hamster dies
- Set a Ryko through Hamster effect, Special Summon PSB Tanngnjostr
- Next turn flip Ryko to destroy random S/T
- Change PSB Tanngnjostr to ATK mode to SP Gullfaxi
- Synchro for Trishula! (4+3+2)

2) Opp whack PSB Tanngrisnir, SP 2 tokens
- Special Summon PSB Tanngnjostr from hand
- Next turn switch position to Special Summon PSB Gullfaxi
- Tune 2 tokens and PSB Gullfaxi into Polar God Monarch - Thor!
- Activate that random Grow-up Bulb's effect and make a Armory Arm!

3) Opp whack into Gravekeeper's Spy and destroys it.
- Special summon another Spy and a PSB Tanngnjostr from your hand.
- Next turn, switch Tanngnjostr's position to Special Summon PSB Gullfaxi
- Tune the Spy with Gullfaxi for Scrap Dragon!
- Destroy your own Tanngnjostr and your opponent's card or something. +1!

Look at the potential! These guys aren't just normal goats , aren't they?

Wonder what will the Polar Star Spirits will be their anime counterparts perhaps?

Oh well, we'll just have to wait for their effects.

Finally, as a final note, Kizan is too strong!

Yaichi + Kizan + Grandmaster + Shogun + Shogun


No Grandmaster also can play liao.


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