Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cardmaster Tournament Report (2/4)

Deck used : Graveyard BF

Format : Swiss of 4 rounds. Cut to Top 8.

Round 1: VS Akira (Debris Hero)

Game 1: Got rushed by Alius and Shining
Game 2: Rushed him with Trishula + Card Trooper
Game 3: Beat down with Arms Wing.

Round 2: VS Poh Choon (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: He gained too much advantage through Avarice and Formula.
Game 2: Rushed him.
Game 2: Made a mistake of not dropping Gorz when his Doppel token attacked me. Died to Brionac shortly.

Round 3: VS Anond (Gravekeepers)

Game 1: Necrovalley on the field. Nothing i can do...
Game 2: Trunade + Burial + DAD ftw.
Game 3: Same as Game 1, but + 1 Royal Tribute.

Round 4: VS Alvin (GB)

Game 1: Rushed him with Arms Wing
Game 2: Burial + DAD for game.


Results : Scrub.

Got a orange pack from lucky draw and pulled crap.

Gonna edit my main and side more to fight Gravekeepers. Sacky deck is sacky.

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Heavy shit eater said...

try 3 of this card on your side against GK: