Sunday, April 24, 2011

YuGiOh Open Series #2 Report

Deck used: Graveyard BF

Format: Swiss of 5 Rounds. Cut to Top 16

Round 1: VS Rong Jie (GB)

Game 1: Got controlled by the heavy backrow and Retiari
Game 2: Damudo destroyed his field.
Game 3: Beatdown while he had no monsters.

Round 2: VS Bryan Tew (Whirlwind BF)

Game 1: Beatdown with Arms Wing and stuff.
Game 2: Revenge is so sweet :D

Round 3: VS Wei Ann (Six Sam)

Game 1: He got a bad hand. So i just rushed him.
Game 2: Same as Game 1.

Round 4: VS Poh Seng

Game 1: Hyperion beat me down.
Game 2: Beat him down with Arms Wing + Damudo.
Game 3: Forgot how i lost.

Round 5: Vs Vishal

He let me have the win so both of us can go to Top 16.

Top 16: VS Jonas (Six Sam)

Shared. I went up.

Top 8: VS Samuel

Game 1: He farmed too much, then i died.
Game 2: Beatdown with Damudo.
Game 3: Epic Match! He tried to Mind Control my Sirocco, i chained with DDV. He dropped his whole hand... So i shortly won after that.

Top 4: VS Qian Rui (Six Sam)

Game 1: He had no monsters, so just beatdown with Arma Knights and stuff.
Game 2: Shien controlled my m/t hand.
Game 3: Did a stupid mistake but i still won :D

Top 2: VS Milton (Whirlwind BF)

Game 1: Forgot how i won
Game 2: Kenna beatdown
Game 3: Grepher BEAT!!! Jeff not around = no Shura for him.

Results : 1st

Got a PS3 as prize. Woot! Soo happy today! After sharing with Milton and Jonas, got myself a PSP + some toilet paper *Cough..PP13*+ some cash :D.

MVP of the day is definitely..... this babe.

Saved me so many times during Swiss and Top 8.

That's all. Going to get some sleep now. with full of lectures. FML



sserpent said...

hey man, do you main deck 1 Deck Devastation Virus? i would love to see the decklist seeing as how i run Graveyard BF as well...i main 3 D.D. Crows and i have Pot Of Duality or Solemn Warning though.

Yu said...
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HeroKnight said...

I mained 1 and sided 1. I will show the decklist in another post soon.