Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bukit Batok Top 16 World Qualifer Report

Deck used: Six Samurai

Format: Single Elimination

Round 1: VS Stark (Scrap Gladiators)

Game 1: First turn Shien, special summoned Kizan and set DEST and Oppression and ended. He set 1 monster and ended, which ate my next turn Trishula and all my monster beat.

Game 2: We exchanged afew blows, while i managed to defeat both of his Scrap Dragons, leaving my field with a single Yaichi and Grandmaster. He attempted to regain control by using Bestiari to attack my Yaichi, but i let my Yaichi drink Forbidden Chalice and he scooped.

Round 2: VS Rong Jie (Agent Angel)

Game 1: He drew no monsters, and i used Hand and stuff to beat him down.
Game 2: Trunade, followed by Hyperion , Christia and Trishula :(
Game 3: Topdecking mode, which got me a Hand to win.

Round 3: VS William (Grave BF)

Game 1: He OTKed me.
Game 2: Beat me down with Kinetic and Gozen. Not friendly AT ALL :(

Result : Top 8.

Shop owner was kind enough to give out WOW deckboxes for the 4 who lost in Top 8. So i'm ok, since i bought sleeves with the $10 required to purchase stuff with.

The online registration for World Qualifiers will begin on 22th. As there are only 64 slots available, i've got just about 3 days to finish up on modding my deck and ensure myself a slot in a chance to represent Singapore :D

Since its only 64 people, cutting to Top 12, it'll be slightly easier compared to last year's Qualifier whereby it was 64, cut to Top 8.

Gotta find out just what to fill up the last remaining space in my sidedeck and what tech should i play in my main.

That's all for today!

Congrats to William for advancing to Top 16!

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