Saturday, August 13, 2011

Double Tournament Report (13/8)

Haha! Long time since I've updated this blog. Been busy with schoolwork and all. Luckily, i had some time today to head down for some tournament action.

Asian Championship Qualifier @ Jurong East

Format: Single Elimination
Deck used: Dark World

Round 1: BYE

Round 2: VS Irfan (Xyz Starter Deck)

Game 1: Beat him down with early game double Grapha with Warning prevented Utopia from coming out.

Game 2: Same thing as Game 1.

Round 3: VS Jeremy (TG Tengu)

Game 1: Close match, but forgot how i lost.
Game 2: Deck Devastation Virus destroyed his hand, together with double Grapha beatdown.
Game 3: Tengu gave him too much advantage.

Conclusion: Top 4. (No prize cause i only got 1 win.)

SG Showdown Qualifier @ Jurong East

Format: 3 Round Swiss. Cut to Top 8.
Deck used: Dark World

Round 1: VS Eric (Gladiator Beast)

Game 1: Double Grapha beatdown.
Game 2: Used EEV to destroy all his traps. Following that up with Grapha beatdown.

Round 2: VS Jeff (Debris Junkdo)

Game 1: Forgot how i won
Game 2: Deck Devastation Virus ftw.

Round 3: VS Rui Feng (Twilight BF)

Game 1: Double DW Lightning cleared his field and controlled with Grapha and backrow.
Game 2: Bora + Oppression....
Game 3: Damudo + Skillless Grapha too strong.

Top 8: VS Eric (Gladiator Beast)

Game 1 : Once again, skillless Grapha too strong, beat all his GB's over.
Game 2: Forgot how i lost.
Game 3: 2 Holy Light....2 D.D. Crow...all 3 Grapha's RFG... no future at all.

Conclusion: Top 8 (Revise Dragon sleeves)

Remarks: Great day today, although i scrubbed for both. Starting to get use to this deck already. Hope to see better results from it... Try aim get into 1st to 4th for next week's SG Showdown Qualifier? Try?

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