Monday, August 29, 2011

Start of the new format

Today is the first local tournament which will be using the September 1st banlist.

Sad to say that I wasn't able to make it there today. However, this first week of locals would be a good way to look at how people will cope with the new format and look at the deck choices and techs people would be taking up. What's so good about the start of the new format is that there is no massive net-decking yet (unless you're net-decking from Shriek). Thus, this allows a short-lived period whereby people can make use of creativity and predicting what the meta would be.

I myself will head down to a local tournament tomorrow to test new my new Dark World deck for the September format. Hope that the main deck choices plus the side deck techs will be able to give me some results and a good head start in the new format!

Watch out for a tournament report tomorrow!

1 comment:

Kyle Griffin said...

Looking forward to the tourney's in this new format. Going to breath some new life into the game.