Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asia Plus Pre-Qualifer (AMK) Report

Entered with Vishal and Johann.

Team Chieflion:

Leader: Johann (Nordic Dark World)
Member A: Vishal (Whirlwind BF)
Member B: Me (Agent Angel)

I have no idea what are the team names of all of my opponents, so i'll just write down the members instead :D

Round 1:

Kenneth (Infernity) VS Johann - (Win)

Yi Jie (Agent Angel) VS Vishal - (Lose)

Soon Hai (Machina Gadget) VS Me - (Win)

Personal score: XOO

Game 1: Lost to Hope + Gadget spam
Game 2: Trap Dustshoot + Pulling the Rug allowed me to counter his stuff
Game 3: Seven Tools + MST gave me the chance to do my combos.

Round 2:

Wee Min (DW) VS Johann - (Win)

Wesley (Junk Doppel) VS Vishal - (Discontinued)

Poh Seng (Gravekeepers) VS Me - (Win)

Personal Score: OO

Game 1: Had some debates over a ruling, with the judge passing the wrong judgment (I don't blame him, since it was kind of confusing), leaving me guilty for the whole game. Regardless, manage to beat down with Venus + stuff.

Game 2: Stalled awhile since he set 5 first turn. Summoned Christia and Heavy Storm'ed, revealing all useless spells. Venus beat him down after that.


Potato (Lightlords) VS Johann - (Win)

Guan Ji (Machina Gadget) VS Vishal - (Lose)

Cassandra (WWBF) VS Me - (Win)

Personal Score: OO

Game 1: MVP is really Tragoedia. Controlled the game with it being so huge. She made Scrap Dragon to clear my Tragoedia, but i had another in my hand. I discarded Christia to take Scrap Dragon next turn for game.

Game 2: Early Christia controlled the game, even though she had Light Imprisoning Mirror. Think she made a mistake not clearing my Christia and i top-deck Earth to kill her next turn.

Results : 1st!

And so, we got into Top 8 for Asia Plus :D

Hope we can win all the way to Taiwan!!


mike said...

gratz to vishal u n johan :D

HeroKnight said...

thanks mike :D