Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini Tournament Report @ Ani-Play (30/12)

Deck used: Insane Tech TGAA

Format: Swiss of 4 rounds. Cut to Top 8

Round 1: VS Sherwyn (Inzektors)

Game 1: Rush him with two Hyperions.
Game 2: We were in topdecking mode, but he topdecked a Damsel, so...
Game 3: Raioh and massive backrow controlled the game.

Round 2: VS Kitty (Dragons)

Game 1: He had no Future Fusion, so things were in my favor a little. Managed to rush him after he Solemned my Hyperion and i used Call of the Haunted to bring it back for game.

Game 2: Topdecking 2 Hyperions is too strong.

Round 3: VS ??? (Machina Offering Geartown Gadgets)

Game 1: Controlled, MST'ing his Offering. Managed to win with Daigusto Phoenix + Gantetsu
Game 2: Second turn Offering rush me.
Game 3: Topdeck Dark Hole and PoD into Call of the Haunted for Hyperion.

Round 4: VS Alvin PUTRA (Hero Beat)

I gave him the win so both of us can go up. We shared, plus i wanted to avoid the full win curse.

3-1 (Proceed to Top 8)

Top 8: VS Alvin PUTRA (Hero Beat)

Uhm....Sorry boss? But its ok, since we shared and all.

5th/6th : VS Ying Jun (Inzekter Agents)

7th/8th: Rolled die with Shaun, lost and took the 3D Thunder End Dragon....

Result: 7th/8th

Liking all my techs :)

Thats all for today!

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