Monday, December 26, 2011

Tournament Report @ Ani-Play (26/12)

Deck used: Inzecters

Format: Swiss of 4 Rounds. Cut to Top 8.

Round 1: VS Vishal (WWBF)

Game 1: Controlled with Raioh
Game 2: Imba hand with Damsel + Gigamantis for combowhoring.

Round 2: VS Poh Seng (GK)

Game 1: Forgot how i died.
Game 2: Greedy and used Storm without opening Trap Stun first. Died to Sin Cyber End

Round 3: VS Hong Rui (Hero Beat) *SHARED*

Game 1: Super Poly too strong.
Game 2: Same thing, except he's backrow killed me while i didn't draw any sided stuff.

Round 4: VS Alvin PUTRA (Hero Beat)

Game 1: Died to Raioh beat with my imba hand of 2 damsels, 2 pot and some unimportant stuff
Game 2: Rush him with Damsel and other good stuff
Game 3: Top deck Miracle + Honest sealed my fate.

Alvin gave me the win since i was sharing with Hong Rui, as i wanted to pull his score up.

Results : 1-3

Bad sidedeck choice of Trap Stun over Royal Decree costed me in this tournament. Besides that, I think most of my plays were correct. Still quite confused about some rulings regarding Inzecters so need to familiarize with them more if i wish to continue playing them.

Anyways, had 1 round of pack war after that and i won myself 4 out of 6 foils in the box lol.

Everytime i go to Kit's Shop, always go home with good stuff even though i scrub.

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