Saturday, June 23, 2012

World Championship Qualifiers Report (23/6)

Really tired and stuff, so i'm gonna skip the details.... 6 rounds of swiss does that to a guy.

Deck used: Inzektor
Format: 6 Rounds of Swiss, Cut to Top 10

Round 1: Sean Tan (Inzektor)

Round 2: Zan Hao (Inzektor)

Round 3: Daniel (Hanzo Hieratic)

Round 4: Hong Rui (Hanzo Hieratic)

Round 5: Asia Champ Jeff (Inzektor)

Round 6: Soon Hai (Chaos Dragons)

5-1, 8th in Swiss (Proceed to Top 16)

Thoughts at this point: 
- Was really comfortable with my side against Hieratic variants. They turned out to work quite well.
- Should have sided more for mirrors.....
- I'm so going to play Chaos Dragons after this.

Top 16: Wolflord Master Samuel (Inzektor)

Results: Top 16

Thoughts at this point: 

I guess i was kind of indecisive on how i felt at that point. It felt great to be in the Top 16, which i have never gotten into for past World Championship Qualifiers, but sad at the same time that i expected more from myself. All well, gonna put that aside and hope for the best at the next events: Asia Plus and Top Shop Qualifiers 2012!


GQ said...

Somehow, I feel you bro. Top16'ed at WCQ, but feeling more scrubbed than achievement unlocked, despite this being the first time being here

HeroKnight said...

Nvm ba, guess i can only look forward to other events loh. TOP SHOP!!!

GQ said...

TOP SHOP!! Since I do bad in Team Tourneys!!