Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project work kills!

School says it's called "E-Learning Week".

I say : Go and eat shit. So much project work? Two 1.5k word reports + other random crap is not my idea of learning at home...

Yarh, so that's what i have been doing for the past whole week. No time for YGO this week, so missed quite a few tournaments. So not much things to blog about. I dismantled my Cat Synchro as i was a little bored with it already, plus bad scrubbing streak still hurts =P Changed into another deck to play with for next week! Can't wait for STBL and my new Elec supports!

Meanwhile, on the news side, Fleur Synchron and Fleur de Chevalier makes buying Tag Force 5 worth it!! I like how Fleur Synchron is abusable with Gadgets, while Chevalier is used in Quickdraw. Cool, good supports imo.

That's all for today..quite tired, so not blogging alot.