Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tournament Report (3rd July)

Deck used : Cat Synchro

Format : Swiss of 3 rounds (Tag Team was changed to normal tourney)


Match 1 : VS KEN! (BF)

R1 : He tried to make the game simply with more Icarus, but i still won
R2 : Whirlwind farming is too strong.
R3 : My Arcanite Tempest hand loved his all monster hand


Match 2 : VS Bryan (Burning Bird)

R1 : Too many burn cards.
R2 : Abused Book of Moon TTM. Skill Drain was powerless.
R3 : Same thing, and Brionac dominated.


Match 3 : VS Jonas (BF)

R1 : Forgot.
R2 : Topdecking mode. Solemn his Blizzard and he had nothing left.
R3 : Brain Control is too strong.

2-1 (5 Points)

Result : Scrub again luh


Jonas got his revenge =O

It's ok, cause i can get revenge next time ^^

That's all for today!