Friday, July 16, 2010

Tourney Report @ Jurong East (16th July)

Deck Used : Supreme AKB. (Sounds like a name of a burger if i switch it around)

Format : Swiss of 3 Rounds, cut to Top 8


Match 1 : VS ??? (Dragunity)


R1 : Laevatiien and Aclys spamming is not funny at all.
R2 : DD Crow-ed all his Aclys and targets for Legion. Applied AKB stuns afterwards.
R3 : Applied AKB stunts. Summoned Supreme Arcanite + Stardust and won.

1-0 (2 points)

Match 2 : VS Jeff (BF)


R1 : Forgot what happened.
R2 : Bad hand. Raiou all got bottomless-ed. He then rushed me.
R3 : Heavy Stormed his backrow, leaving his hand of D.D. Crows. Applied beatdown for game.

2-0 (4 points)

Match 3 : VS Wei Xiang (Black Knight Dark)

XOO (Winner takes all points)

R1 : He Caius-ed and Caius-ed me. =_=
R2 : Massive hatred comes!
R3 : Topdeck skills comes!

3-0 (7 points)

I proceeded to Top 8 to scrub =_=

Top 8 : VS Jin Hao (Tragedylords)


R1 : Judgment comes and destroys the world.
R2 : AKB stunts win!
R3 : Close match. He topdecked Judgment and destroyed the world again.

Top 7th/8th : VS Ryan (Frog Monarch)


R1 : Trap Dustshoot and AKB stunts win!
R2 : Crevice removes all his Treeborn Frogs. AKB stunts wins again!

Top 5th/6th : VS Zhi (Machina Gadget)


R1 : Did the AKB stunt , and Pot of Avariced everything back, and drew Summon Priest again!
R2 : He OTKed me with NO Limiter Removal!
R3 : Usual combos happening here. Summoned Supreme Arcanite and beatdown/draw from there.

Result : 5th



Will post the decklist in another post.

Very tired right now.

Must use the Gold Smashings to destroy Judgment Dragon next time...



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