Wednesday, March 3, 2010

5D's Episode 99

Major Plot Twist ftw!

Stardust Dragon and Black Rose Dragon on the field AT THE SAME TIME.

Goes to show what a great couple Yusei and Aki would make.

Also, Neuxcharge's fears came through, as Andore tried to win again with the burn effect of Speed World 2!!!! But Aki used Wicked Reborn to pass Stardust Dragon to Yusei.

Now Yusei has to solo the entire Team Unicorn.

In my opinion, Yusei will still lose, and they will have to win all the other teams to reach the 2nd place in order to qualify to the next round or something.

That's all for the review.

One more thing,

Their format....very familiar. Does "KOF Tournament @ whateverplace" ring a bell?


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