Friday, March 12, 2010

Tourney Report (12th March)

Went to pay my school fees, return library books and went to locals.

Initially wanted to use GB. But i was thrashed by Gadgets. So i converted to the dark side and played Gadgets.

Deck used : Gadgets


Match 1 : VS David (Psychic)

R1 : Solemn at the wrong time. Lost to Spell Striker
R2 : Controlled with heavy backrow. Beatdown with Gadgets.
R3 : Same with Round 2

1-0 (2 points)


Match 2 : VS Jin Hao (BF)

R1 : Forgot how i won. He keep on being super hyper for no reason?
R2 : Went into topdecking mode. He no hand , no field except 1 Armored Wing. I topdeck Fissure with a Gadget.

2-0 (5 points)


Match 3 : VS ?? (Chaos Monarch)

R1 : Oppressed until quite low. He Brain Controlled for game.
R2 : Raiou beatdown FTW!
R3 : Epic match. Forgot how i won though. Only know it was damm close.

3-0 (7 points)


Match 4 : VS Sam (BF)

R1 : He set ALOT of m/t. Confused me and made me second doubt my moves. Lost because of timed Icarus Attacks.
R2 : Sided LJM and Trap Holes. Worked well..
R3 : Beated down. Synchro for Infernity Death Dragon and forgot must have 0 card to use effect....then just punch...then i won..?

4-0 (9 points)


So i was auto in Top 8. There were 8 eight pointers. I didn't have time as i needed to rush off back home before my parents roared at me. Passed my deck to Jin Hao and he played on for me.

He got 3rd/4th, and helped me take a Burial from the D.D.

Ranking : 3rd/4th.

Not bad eh. First time play Gadgets can already get so good results. Just goes to show how much 3 Smashing Ground and 3 Fissures has powered up this deck. Fulfilled my quota...But i feel like trying to get another prize at ANOTHER tourney....Hm....Maybe next week bah, cause i can't go down to JE or tmr for the other Starlight Road Tourney.

Good luck for those playing.

Cannot join so many tournies lah....Later no money go on my date..haiz..


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