Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Infernity without Trishula

I think the only time when the title would take place would definitely be :

1) You cannot afford 3 Trishula
2) You're playing in the World Qualifiers/Asia Qualifiers

However, they are still damm strong WITHOUT Trishula.

Just change their field from 3 Trishula + 1/2 random Synchros


3-5 Random Synchros.....

So, we will definitely see them during the World Qualifiers.


Duelist#LGQ said...

problem is that infernity Daemon which is the center piece of the deck is more expensive than trishula and also not able to use in Asian tourneys(I think)

HeroKnight said...

Eh..Daemon can be used cause its a game promo.

And Trishula is WAY more expensive than Infernity Daemon

Daemon = $40-$60?
Trishula = Ultra $100
Secret $120

mike said...

It is almost the same in Malaysia. I can find one Trisula for rm 200, but Idemon can cost just as much per card.

mike said...

The same refers to Trisiula's and Idemon's price... sorry abt the unclearness.

Crazy but, true story