Thursday, March 4, 2010

My day of playtesting yesterday!

Went down to JE to playtest with some new decks.

Brought Rescue GB, Beatdown and BixieRoids.

Played mostly with Neuxcharge.

BixieRoids won Chaos Control 2-0, then losing to J&D Machiner's 0-4

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is gay. Forces me to not extend too much.

Proceeded to see Aaron and Wei Xiang play Christiasworn.

I playtested with Aaron using GB. Won it 3-1. Herald of Orange Light is really annoying. I think the only reason i won is because he didn't summon Christia too fast + bad hand.

Bought some sidedeck cards and sold some stuff.

Then went back home...

I'm staying home today to practice with a new deck. Slowly adapting to its playstyle, since its not my type to run a aggressive deck (besides BF).

Looking forward to tomorrow's Tag Team Tournament where i will be teaming up with the Cowman himself! Neuxcharge!

The worlds will collide as the NeuxCow and Sazabi work together to clain the white piece of cardboard known as BLACK FEATHER DARGON HOLO!!!!

THat's all.


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