Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to school...

School reopens again tomorrow, which means back to poly life for me.. @_@

Anyways, the 2 weeks of holidays were as if it wasn't holidays... more than 1 week was spent on the stupid GK summit event at school, plus projects = like school days liddat.. Regardless, there was still time for me to go down and play more often, including World Qualifers, which was damm sad.

Also, there is a Tag Team tournament on 10th July!! Long time no see!! Although i don't have meta decks such as BF and Infernity, which would be good to run in pairs, i'll still try to find a partner for it. Plus, i got alot of new stuff within these new days (wallet feels empty -_-''), which can let me build more decks =P

Finally, my project presentation for Social Enterprise is on Thursday. Hope i don't screw this one up like IT APP. Retarded teachers give retarded grades, thats all i can say.

So it's good bye to my cards on weekdays!