Friday, June 18, 2010

Tournament Report (18th June)

Deck used : Synchro Cat

Format : Swiss of 3 rounds , cut to Top 8 (World Qualifier format)


1st Match : VS Jeric (BF)

R1: BF rush!
R2 : Arcanite Tempest win!
R3 : Forgot!

1-0 (2 points)

2nd Match : VS Baha(Machina Gadget)

R1 : Gadget Rush
R2 : Slowly poked for game. He drew no monster and i System Downed his only Fortress
R3 : Topdeck mode! I won with a top decked Breaker.

2-0 (4 points)

3rd Match : VS Richard (Infernity)

R1 : Die to synchro swarm.
R2 : Forgot how i won
R3 : Forgot how i lost.

2-1 (5 points)

Results : SCRUBBED!!!!!


It's ok, you win some , you lose some.

Just don't lose this Sunday can liao!

At least i didn't scrub too badly. Synchro Cat is nice to play!

Got some trades today too! Sold some stuff and brought my Scrap Dragon!

That's all for today!

Expect a report on Sunday night for the World Qualifers!


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