Saturday, October 2, 2010

OCG X-Sabers


They finally topped a tournament in Japan!

About time man, was wondering when will it happen.

Just abit curious to why there is no Saber Holes inside, not even 1.

In other news, i'm totally hyped up about next week's selection. Too bad i had to miss the one happening today. In anticipation to it, i went to dig up my pile of cards in the storeroom for some inspiration, but all i found was....A LOT of Volcanic Shells.


An omen? Or just to show how stupid i was when Force of the Breaker came out? I have no idea.

But it's cool. I'll most probably edit my Sabers abit more until i think it's ready to bring to some tournament where i won't see any Darksouls... @_@ no money buy.

That's all for today,

Good luck to everyone playing today (Or playing right now for the first selections!)

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Anonymous said...

Saber Hole isn't that awesome