Saturday, October 9, 2010

Team Tournament Pre-Selection Event @ Khatib Report!

My team was :

Team Garfield (Stupid name ftw...)

Me (Leader) = BF
Rong Jie (Member A) = GB
Wee Min (Member B) = Quickdraw Dandy

There was only 6 teams today.. =_=

Nothing interesting from our 12 packs too, as the Scrap Dragon was taken by a certain someone =P


Round 1 : Team ABCDE (Aaron, Jia Jie and Timothy)

Me VS Aaron = WIN
Rong Jie VS Jia Jie = WIN
Wee Min VS Timothy = LOSE

Round 1 : Controlled him with Oppression, Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment.
Round 2 : Forgot how i died XD
Round 3 : Controlled him again and gained advantage through Black Whirlwind.

Round 2 : Team ???? (Jeff, Xiao Mei, Baha)

Me VS Jeff (LOSE)
Rong Jie VS Xiao Mei (WIN)
Wee Min VS Baha (LOSE)

Round 1 : Lost to Swallow's Nest
Round 2 : He summoned Dark Armed and Goyo, but i turned the table with Sirocco focusing.
Round 3 : Also lost to Swallow's Nest, that card too strong le.


So in the end we died in the semi finals, like i said, the semi final's part is just to make us feel better from scrubbing.. -_-

There was supposed to be a normal tourney, but there wasn't enough people, so it was canceled. I spent the afternoon testing Chest BF with random decks like mirror match, Hero Beat, Infernity (with Barrier), X-Sabers (TCG) and other kinds of random stuff. Nobody was selling Trishula, so i didn't get a chance to buy 1.


I think i'll try to go for another selection, most likely the fourth one. $12 is damm pain ok?

That's all for today,


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